Ethopian Superstar Gigi To Release Mesgana Ethiopia On October 19, 2010

by ocean

New York , NY (Top40 Charts/ Girlie Action Media) – Ejigayehu ‘Gigi’ Shibawbaw, one of Ethiopia’s best-known singers, is releasing her latest album Mesgana Ethiopia on October 19th through MOD Technologies, the label founded by Grammy-winner Bill Laswell (who has collaborated with countless legends from Mick Jagger to Laurie Anderson to Tony Williams). This release features Gigi singing her original songs mixed with some Ethiopian traditional tunes – all sung in Amaharic – bridging African styles, Reggae, Dub, Avant-Funk,/Jazz, World Beat, Trance, and Ambient music.

Already an international star, Gigi has recorded and toured across the globe with iconic, master musicians including Tabla Beat Science featuring Zakir Hussain and Sultan Khan, Pharoah Sanders, Herbie Hancock, Wayne Shorter, Hamid Drake, Sly & Robbie, Abegasu Shiota, Buckethead, Karsh Kale, DJ Disk and Laswell himself.

Ethiopian Gigi Shibabaw

Ethiopian Gigi Shibabaw

Her music has also been featured in films, including 2003’s Beyond Borders, which starred Angelina Jolie and Clive Owen.

Gigi has a powerful voice that can also convey beautiful fragility. This versatility allows her to be the source and structural framework for her backing band’s African Futurism/One World Music approach. For a taste, click HERE to stream/download ‘Shemum Mune’ and please feel free to post and share the track!

Mesanga Ethiopia features the following incredibly talented group of musicians:

Bill Laswell: Material founder, legendary bassist, producer, reconstructionist, inventor of Herbie Hancock’s mega-hit ‘Rockit’, creator of the first and only landmark full album remix-constructions on the music of Bob Marley, Miles Davis & Carlos Santana, cofounder of the Axiom Label w/Chris Blackwell, veteran of over 700 recordings to date.

Abegasu Shiota: Keyboardist, acclaimed producer/arranger of Ethiopian pop culture, has worked with most all of the important
artists there.

Hamid Drake: Master drummer, Americas most valuable
Avant-Jazz – World/Beat percussionist.

Aiyb Dieng: From Senegal, Easily the most widely recorded
African percussionist.

Dominic Kanza: Post Modern African guitarist, master
of many advanced styles.

And Featuring 2 world renownguest musicians – Steven Bernstein: Trumpet / slide trumpet; and Peter Apfelbaum: Tenor saxophone, flute, percussion. Both are composers, arrangers and world class band leaders in their own right.

ጂጂ ሺባባው – ሽሙንሙን GIGI shibabaw new song 2010 – Shimunmun

GiGi Shibabaw with Tabla beat science – Mengedegna Ethiopian music ጂጂ – መንገደኛ

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Eyosias Eyob September 28, 2010 - 2:18 pm

Can’t wait!!

Hiwi Hailegiorgis September 28, 2010 - 2:18 pm

tht sound is gud!!!

hailegigi shibabaw October 12, 2010 - 9:48 am

It is great that i am going to enjoy ur music. It has been long since I got puzzled why u cannot let us entertain with new album of urs. Thanks to god the time has come. U are only second to my mom, u are all pat of my enjoyable life. I wonder how much i would worry in my appearing in the poor Ethiopia. If i were from other side of the globe, i may not explore u, ur music. Please keep being in ur music and let us live longer, enjoy life, inspire life and invest ourselves in utilizing all skills to lead better life.

hailemariam awoke November 20, 2010 - 8:30 am

I have just learned that though ur new cd is on sale through internet, it is not made available on music shops here in Addis. I also learned that Ur new work is remix of ur previus works . U haven’t RELEASED any new songs since 1998 EC, so why u couldn’t let us enjoy very new work of u. How u rank all ur cds from 1988 to 1998? Mine is as follws.
2,That of 1991
3, all the rest
Three ethiopian famous song writters, when asked about ethiopian music of the time, 2 years before, they reffered u with other 2 singers whom they are influenced by. All of them
described their view about ur 1998 album to be especial. One of them said he was afraid that u might not play such music again. He further said u acted as if u were just a man in the music interms of ur sayings being fully energetic. By that time ur GOLD AND WAX had been reased and they didn’t even cite it.
By ur music of 1998 i beome a person who can’t live without attending that lovely cd, though i attend all others. People suuggest me if i could become bored of due to long time attending, and i say them i make my life not boring only beacouse of u, ur music especially the 1998. I have to attend zomeye, mengedegna, ante saw, sew argegn, abay, abet wubet, gud fella, adwa ,cahne and nafekegn. I cconsider this pieces like my family members.
Do u know why? when i attend them my energy bcomes differnt. I feel very strong, confident, enegetic , i feel more than being a man. The reason may be u played the music being inspired, fully taken in them. Could u play them being in asimple mood, please feel it.
I consider like radio frequency, that is when one attempts to tune himself to different frequencies, he may get different moods, feelings due to the type of thing being broadcasted.
please consider this, having been playing some songs of gold and wax album, please try to play amorawodije immediately after it and feel ur level of inspirations.
u Playing ur music in full inspiration, anyone can get easily inspired by it while attending ur 2008 album. That is why that guy said u acted as if u were a man in the music.
I u rank the 2008 album first like me, please release very new album like it I know u are capable.
I am looking forward to enjoy ur just released album, i am trying to get

hailemariam awoke November 20, 2010 - 8:32 am

please i wrongly write 1998 when i have to mean 1993 the time when my very favourite cd was released

hailemariam awoke November 20, 2010 - 8:44 am

Very two especial talents i feel about ur play. i am leyman interms of music knowledge, but i have attended u for 10 years especially after 19993
1, u can abruptly change the ZEMA of ur play beautifully. very high and very low pith
2, u become so much lovely espcially playing at high pith eg, zomeye
3, I dont feel comfortable with ur playing at very low pith (slow) and don’t change that level soon. When i say this i don’t mean like ur playing from slow to high from the same music like amorawodije… very lovely


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