EthioTelecom to Start 4G LTE Service

by ocean

According to Ethiopian Telecom to start a 4G LTE service and to cover main cities in the country in the coming couple of years.

Airtel Nigeria, one of the country’s GSM mobile operators, and Ethiopia’s incumbent operator, Ethio Telecom, have taken significant steps towards the commercial rollout of 4G LTE services. They join a select group of African operators slowly bringing LTE to the continent’s major metropolitan areas.

Ethio Telecom last week disclosed plans to bring LTE services to the Ethiopian capital, Addis Ababa, as part of a large, multi-year programme to improve service provision and expand its network in the country. The programme will see Ethio deploy LTE in Addis Ababa and HSPA+ in all big cities by 2015.

This investment progamme will enable the operator to tackle the challenges of network congestion, lack of coverage and scarcity of bandwidth availability, Ethio said in a statement. The operator is currently negotiating with the vendors it will work with for the expansion and upgrading of its infrastructure.

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