Ethiopia’s ‘Renaissance Dam’ France 24 Report

by Zelalem


I just wanted to inform Ethiopians that woyane has signed agreeement to renew or to sign the 1959 agreement. This is not rumour and according reliable sources from the Ministry foreign affaires in the woyane government, woyane has signed agreement.

Ethiopians, it is time now to united and remove the cancer enemy in Ethiopia which is woyane.

People like G7 and other oppositons must unite, wage their war in Ethiopian cities by reorganizing urban movement that is the only quick fix for our problem. We can not spend decades waging armed struggle from Asmara and at the same time,Shabia would not allow Ethiopians to succeed.

Woyane has also begged Egypt to give it 10 billion cubic meter water and woyane will sign the 1929 and 1959 colonial agreement. As Gebremehdin, the former woyane fighters told us many times, woyane is a curse, and more an evil organiation that will sell everything. All the war and lives lost in the name of liberation of tigrai is now completely used for differennt and evil agenda, completely satanic agenda. All Ethiopians, those of you are members already of TPLF, or EPRDF, you will regret supporting and working for this evil governemnt . We ask you to resign for the sake of Ethiopia. Ethiopian diplomats across across the world must resign. Do not be selfish like woyane. Do not be hodamoch. My brotherly advices to Ethiopians is also to join G7 and reform G7 to wage war from inside Ethiopia instead of from Asmara.
If Woyane signed really, if it is 100%, I promise I am joining G7 provided G7 is willing to reform and distance itself from Egypt and Shabia. I will 100% serve G7 and this will be my first time to join a political party officially. I will serve with 100 %, full time to get rid of woyane from the face of Ethiopia.

Ethiopia is ready for revolution. Forget the dam, forget other project. Even Mussoloni has built has many things in 5 years.

Woyane wasted 50 billion dollar buying ports while our ports are sitting idle and stolen 16 billion dollars? What are you waiting Ethiopians? People are persecuted in thein country? Amhara expelled and made refugees in their country? Gambelanas are removed from their land and their land given to Arabs? what are you waiting Ethiopians? Now woyane is denying you , your water and woyane is even ready to kill the unborn Ethiopians?
Stop dividing by tribe, ethnic, race, colour, political faction, unite, let us form a new all inclusive civil movement that represent all Ethiopians and work to form a civilian governemnt. Do not wait until woyane give away the entire country.

Down to Woyane Tigrai

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