Ethiopia’s First ICT Association Launched

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Reporter : By Hayal Alemayehu

Following progressive and significant steps taken recently to improve the Information and Communications Technology (ICT) sector, an ICT association is launched for the first time in the country. Only over the last few months, a ministry focused solely on the ICT sector, Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, has been created while the management of the former Ethiopian Telecommunications Corporation has been outsourced to France Telecom.

Following such significant measures taken to improve the sector, the association, otherwise known as ICT-ET, has been launched Tuesday with Google financing the event on which its representatives presented the use of various application produced by the company to ICT professionals, businesses and state-owned organization including the newly formed Ethio Telecom.

Ethiopia's ICT association Launch

Founded by a few private companies, ICT-ET was formally established on November 25, 2010 with the Charities and Societies Agency License to expose, engage and enable the private sector within the ICT industry in Ethiopia, according to the association’s statement.

The association will have three sectors within its scope, namely Information Technology, Communications Technology and Broadcasting Technology. “Due to the dynamic nature of this industry, it is inevitable, however, that the three technologies converge as is evident in other parts of the world,” read the association’s statement.

The association was launched in collaboration with Google, the Ministry of Communications & Information Technology (MoCIT) and Ethio Telecom in an event held at the Hilton.

Although ICT-ET’s members will primarily come from the private sector, individuals, students and other organizations within ICT sector will be welcomed to join the association, according to Seyoum Bereded, Interim President of ICT-ET.

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