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Video New Visitor Center Opens at 9/11 Site in Pennsylvania

The events that unfolded in the skies above a rural field in Pennsylvania on September 11, 2001, are told through exhibits at the new Flight 93 National Memorial Visitor Center. VOA’s Kane Farabaugh — who reported from the site on 9/11 — revisits the scene of the tragedy, which has been transformed into a national monument.


Video France Opens Doors to Migrants

As Europe continues to bicker over sheltering tens of thousands of refugees fleeing conflict, public opinion in France has swung in favor of the Iraqis and Syrians who are beginning to arrive in the country. France has pledged to take in more than 24,000 refugees over the next two years. Lisa Bryant reports from the Paris suburb of Cergy-Pontoise, where a recreation center has opened its doors to the first arrivals from Germany.


Video Migrant Flow Across Serbian-Hungary Border Shows Little Sign of Slowing

As European countries continue debating how to deal with the influx of refugees from Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan and other countries, the situation on the Serbia-Hungary border has been reaching a critical point – with one refugee camp accepting 5,000 migrants within a 24-hour period. VOA’s Rade Rankovic spoke with a number of migrants as they prepared to cross into Hungary from Serbia. Robert Raffaele narrates his report.


Video Funding Hampers Lebanon’s Cluster Bomb Clearance Effort

Nearly a decade after the 2006 Israel-Lebanon war and Lebanon’s civil war, Lebanese continue to suffer the consequences of cluster bomblets and mines left over from those conflicts. Although efforts continue to make the land safe once again, funding has taken a hit – and now casualties are starting to steadily rise. John Owens reports for VOA from southern Lebanon.


Video Philippines Woos Arms Manufacturers

The Philippines ongoing territorial tensions with China have led it to try to modernize its military which for years had one of the smallest budgets in Asia. The country is spending more on more advanced ships and planes, but it is also trying to entice arms manufacturers to set up shop locally. Jason Strother reports from Bataan.


Video San Diego Zoo Giant Panda Turns 24

According to the best numbers available there are just over 2,000 giant pandas left in the world. That makes each one special. Washington D.C. recently celebrated the birth of twin pandas, though one died just a few days after being born. Meanwhile, across the country, another panda is celebrating not a new birth, but a long, long life. VOA’s Julia Taboh reports.


Video Cheap Pollution Monitor Aims to Help World’s Cities

Outdoor air pollution kills 3.7 million people per year around the world, according to the World Health Organization. The key to controlling the problem is knowing where it comes from. But that information is all but absent in much of the developing world. So the United Nations Environment Program is launching a low-cost tool to help officials keep watch over the air in their cities. VOA’s Steve Baragona has more from Nairobi, Kenya.


Video Europe Calls for Compulsory Resettlement of 160,000 Refugees

European Commission Chief Jean-Claude Juncker has called for the resettlement of 160,000 refugees across the 28 members of the European Union – and a permanent asylum mechanism to cope with future crises. Henry Ridgwell reports from London on the latest attempt by Brussels to deal with the huge influx of migrants and refugees.


Video Navigation, 3-D Printing in Sensing Technology Lead to New Apps

3-D printing, high-speed navigation, and a magic mirror are some of the technologies to come from new computer chips with advanced spatial sensing. VOA’s Mike O’Sullivan reports from San Francisco, where technology start-ups that have partnered with chip-maker Intel showed off their products.


Video Russian Orthodox Americans Support Church Tradition Not Politics

A group of Russian Orthodox Americans was in Moscow this past week to learn traditional Orthodox singing from Russian experts. The organizers say they are motivated by the need to strengthen the friendship between the Russian and American peoples in this time of political tensions. But, as VOA’s Daniel Schearf reports from Moscow, the Russian Orthodox Church is also connected to the Kremlin’s anti-western agenda.


Video Pressure Builds at Serbia Refugee Camp as More Migrants Expected

U.N. officials expect 7,000 migrants to cross the border from Macedonia into Serbia, continuing the massive flow of mostly Middle Eastern refugees into Europe. VOA Europe Correspondent Luis Ramirez reports from a makeshift refugee camp in northern Serbia, near the border with Hungary.


Video Philadelphia Prison Inmates Make Chair for Pope Francis

Pope Francis has been visiting prisons during his travels, and his trip later this month to the United States — which has one of the highest rates of incarceration in the world — is no exception. He’ll visit a Philadelphia prison complex where inmates are making a chair for him. VOA religion correspondent Jerome Socolovsky reports.


Video Public Outcry Over Refugee Horrors Gives Some Syrian Orphans Hope

Syrian war orphans fleeing their country are usually deeply traumatized. But as a stream of refugees makes its way through Europe, some orphans say the death of one child could mean a better life for others. VOA’s Heather Murdock reports from Gaziantep, Turkey.


Video Hungarian Police Struggle to Control Refugee Influx at Serbian Border

The influx of refugees from Syria, Iraq, and Afghanistan to Europe is showing no signs of slowing. Aid workers and Hungarian officials say at least another 2,000 people crossed through a gap in the fence between Serbia and Hungary. VOA Europe correspondent Luis Ramirez reports from the scene at the border.


Video Addiction in Myanmar’s Opium-Growing Region

Nestled in the hills of the world’s second largest opium producing region, Taunggyi, capital of Myanmar’s Shan State, is also home to an alarming number of drug addicts. With opium cheap and plentiful, the U.N. estimates that 40 per cent of people aged between 18 and 20 there are drug users. Daniel de Carteret reports for VOA from Taunggyi.

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