Ethiopian tenant accused of stabbing landlord

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Believing his banished tenant was just returning to retrieve a water bottle, a Calgary landlord let him in his door only to be stabbed, court heard Monday.

Abenet Yematawork said he was knifed in the neck when a drunken Shimles Abebe entered his upstairs unit.

Yematawork told Crown prosecutor Mike Ewenson he had told Abebe to go to sleep in the basement because his tenant had threatened to damage his property.

“He said … I’m going to destroy the house tonight,” Yematawork testified.

Abebe faces four charges in connection with the incident last June 22, including aggravated assault and arson.

In his opening address to a four-woman, eight-man jury, Ewenson said after Yematawork ran from the home after being stabbed, a fire was set in Abebe’s bedroom.ethiopian-stabbed

Yematawork said he ordered the accused from the upstairs unit after he indicated the fire department would be coming to the home.

Later, Abebe knocked on the door, saying he had forgotten his water bottle.

He said he was just standing by the doorway when the accused pulled a knife from his pocket and stabbed him in the side of the neck, cutting him for three stitches.

“When he came back, I never thought he would do something like that,” Yematawork told defence lawyer Telmo Dos Santos, when asked why he would let Abebe return.

“I just thought he’s going to … grab the water bottle,” the landlord said.

“He just stabbed me.

“I just begged, ‘don’t kill me,’ that’s what I said.”

Yematawork said he rushed out the back door to a neighbour’s, where emergency personnel were called.

While in the ambulance, he was told by the driver his house was on fire.

His testimony continues on Tuesday.


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