Ethiopian scientists discover 22 million year-old fossils

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APA-Addis Ababa (Ethiopia) Ethiopian scientists announced on Friday the discovery of a 22 million year-old fossils, on anew locality some 157 kilometres north-east of Addis Ababa.

The dean of Addis Ababa University’s College of Development, Dr. Mulugeta Fesseha said a group of Ethiopia scientists discovered old fossils consisting of amphibians, fish, mammals and numerous plants.

Dr. Mulugeta, who is a principal investigator, said the research was started by four Ethiopian scientists in 2007 and four foreign researchers later joined the team.

Addis Ababa University

Addis Ababa University

He said the research would help understand the origin of the Mush sedimentary basin, the ancient climate and vegetation in the locality.

“The research would also help reconstruct the holistic ancient environment of the Mush Basin and use the reconstructed vegetation and climate as reference for historical and future global warming events,” according to Ethiopian television (ETV).

The output of the research will play a critical role in the overarching paleo-environmental reconstruction research that will produce models, explain records of fauna, flora and climate in East Africa over the last 30 million years, according to Dr. Mulugeta.

Source: APA

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