Ethiopian refugee living in Edmonton takes his own story to the big screen

by Selam
Zekarias Mesfin

CBC – As Zekarias Mesfin traversed the Sahara Desert on foot, he held on to the hope that he was slowly trudging towards a better life.

Born in Ethiopia, he was orphaned at 14 years old. He’d already walked from Eritrea — where he lived when his father disappeared and his mother died — to Sudan.

He’d worked for a pittance as a barber’s apprentice, saving his meagre earnings because he’d heard that with $2,000, someone would be able to sneak him into Israel.

Of the other men and women with whom he shared that goal, he’d seen many robbed by gangsters and left alone under the sweltering sun to die of dehydration.

He eventually made it to Egypt, where he was crammed into a car with other refugees. He was arrested and thrown in jail en route to his final destination.

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