Ethiopian pilot defects to Eritrea in helicopter – state media

by Zelalem


Who matches Ethiopians when it comes to shooting themselves in the foot, humiliating their own country and their own people?

How on earth can arming ‘Eritrea’ by ferrying in armed fighter jets, armed combat helicopters and armed armored brigades help Ethiopia?

I laughed when I saw numerous Ethiopians clapping the day Meles Zenawi signed the Ethio-Eritrean bilateral protection accord on Ethiopia’s behalf.

Meles devised the means to arm ‘Eritrea’ after its hasty secession: Confiscating the Ethiopian Navy, stationing Ethiopia’s latest combat helicopters, fighter jets, armored vehicles, army trucks, etc. in Eritrea.

‘Eritrea’ also used the opportunity to station agents at key positions within the Ethiopian defense structure [Air force, Army, Police, Intelligence, etc.].

‘Eritrea’ wasted no time turning those same weapons against Ethiopia even surprising Meles! War broke out! Ethiopia was caught off guard! ‘Eritrea’ bragged as usual:

“Just one ‘heroic Eritrean’ platoon obliterated an entire Ethiopian armored division within minutes (not even hours)… One ‘heroic Eritrean’ helicopter chased a sophisticated Russian-made Sukoi-27 all the way to its base deep inside Ethiopia and returned safely”.

What better jackpot for an enemy like ‘Eritrea’ which never sleeps for Ethiopia and bent on destroying Ethiopia? Here is another living example:

The day Colonel Bezabih Petros was sent on a mission to ‘Eritrea’, the Ethiopian Air Force Fighter Squadron dispatcher was a female from ‘Eritrea’. [Why Colonel Bezabih?]

The minute Bezabih was shot down [and later paraded in Asmara’s], the ‘Eritrean’ dispatcher was given a 24/7 protection right in Debre-Zeit by Meles Zenawi’s security!

So, it is a triple loss for Ethiopia: 1). millions of dollars to buy the fighter aircraft, 2). millions of dollars for manpower training, and worst of all 3). arming an arch enemy!

If ESAT, Birhanu, etc. stand for Ethiopia’s interest, which part of arming ‘Eritrea’ that is bent to destabilize and destroy Ethiopia on numerous fronts serves Ethiopia’s interest?

So long!

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