Ethiopian Orthodox church decided to bring down the Patriarch statue

Ethiopian Orthodox church decided to bring down the Patriarch statue

The Holy Synod of the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church passed a decision to bring down the statue of the Patriarch in front of the Bole Medhanialem Church, few months after it was erected. The statue that was built to commemorate the Patriarch’s 18th year of papacy had been a subject of controversy among the followers of the orthodox religion. The assembly in its ordinary annual meeting, which has been going on since late last week, has unanimously agreed that the statue contravenes the laws of the church and ordered the removal, sources disclosed to The Reporter.

Statue of Abune Paulos

The Holy Synod also passed a decision to remove billboards portraying the image of the Patriarch inside the premises of churches on the basis of the bylaws of the church.

Responding to inquiries from the Holy Synod the Patriarch denied having knowledge of the inauguration of the statue in question and argued that there is no wrongdoing on his part, these sources told The Reporter.

Dr Paulos

Furthermore, the Holy Synod has also passed a decision to ban Ejigayehu Beyene, who allegedly is responsible for causing friction between the members of the Holy Synod, from entering the premises of Patriarch’s resident.

By Yemane Nagish

Source: Repoter

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  1. I didn’t get why it was there in the first place too but when I asked ppl there they all got so defensive about it lol I’m glad its goin down though!

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