Ethiopian Men finish 1-2-3 Women’s won 1 & 2 in Boulder, Colorado (VIDEO)

by ocean

BOULDER — The Ethiopians left no doubt about who owned today’s elite fields in the Bolder Boulder 10-kilometer race.

Ethiopian runners swept the top three spots in the elite men’s race, stepping across the finish line with their hands locked together in a sign of team unity that drew a thunderous roar from the thousands seated inside Folsom Field to watch the finish. Lelisa Desisa, officially credited with the individual win in 29 minutes, 17 seconds, was followed by Tilahun Regassa in the same time and Tadese Tola in 29:18.

In the women’s race, the six runners comprising teams Kenya and Ethiopia broke away from the rest of the field early, hammering through the first mile in less than five minutes. From there, the
race became a test of who could persevere through the relentless pace.

Lelisa Desisa-Tilahun Regassa and Tadese Tola

Lelisa Desisa-Tilahun Regassa and Tadese Tola

Mamitu Daska eventually led a 1-2 Ethiopia finish in 32:28, the second fastest time in the 32-year history of the Bolder Boulder — an all-the-more-impressive accomplishment because of warm race-time temperatures. Her teammate, Amane Gobena, passed Kenya’s Emily Chebet late in the race to secure second place in 33:11, and Chebet took third.


1. Lelisa Desisa, Ethiopia, 29:17
2. Tilahun Regassa, Ethiopia, 29:17
3. Tadese Tola, Ethiopia, 29:18
4. Brent Vaughn, Boulder, 29:56
5. John Korir, Kenya, 30:02
6. Jhon Cusi Huaman, Peru, 30:08
7. James Carney, Boulder, 30:12
8. Simon Cheprot, Kenya, 30:28
9. Vladimir Guerra, Ecuador, 30:30
10. Aaron Braun, Alamosa, 30:32


1. Mamitu Daska, Ethiopia, 32:28
2. Amane Gobena, Ethiopia, 33:11
3. Emily Chebet, Kenya, 33:40
4. Jelliah Tenega, Kenya, 33:57
5. Dulce Maria Rodriguez, Mexico, 34:03
6. Belianesh Zemedkun, Ethiopia, 34:10
7. Caroline Rotich, Kenya, 34:25
8. Marisol Romero Rosales, Mexico, 34:38
9. Renee Metivier-Baille, Boulder, 34:51
10. Yuri Kano, Japan, 34:53

Source: The Denverpost

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helen June 1, 2010 - 4:04 pm

BRAVO ETHIOPIA! I never see before 3 runners win holding hands each other. This is amazing, BRAVO our girls too!

Ermias Kemal Ibrahim June 1, 2010 - 8:38 pm

Nice reporter. lol

Teddy Kelklew June 1, 2010 - 9:38 pm

hey bro u can go to their face book page too ethiopian athlets

Zerihun Zewdie June 2, 2010 - 5:42 pm

That my BOYS & GIRLS….Keep on….


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