Ethiopian Football Doctor Mengistu Worku in his own words ( VIDEO )

by ocean

Some people call him A Ball Doctor, some of them Fitawrari, (ፊታውራሪ)  some of them Adbaru (አድባሩ) but he was a true Legend for all of Ethiopian football fans.

Mengistu worku and his legends

Mengistu worku and his legends

Mengistu Worku tells his football history and legends in his own words on this a must watch video.

አዝማሪው እንደተቀኘውም:-

የጎንደር ልጅ ነው ያውም የቋራ:

መንግስቱ ወርቁ ልበ ተራራ::

We would like to thank Artist Tamagn Beyene for record this  historical speech in Mengistu Worku life.
ETV sport program on the death of Mengistu Worku

VOA on Mengistu Worku

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