Ethiopian Film Director/Writer Haile Gerima On France 24 ( Video Interview)

hailegerima france 24
Haile gerima on france 24

In today’s culture show, Hailé Gerima speaks cinema with Eve Jackson. Known for his independent, direct storytelling that’s anything but Hollywood, the director

makes films about Ethiopia’s struggle. His best-known movie is the acclaimed ‘Sankofa’ which won a stack of international awards including

the Golden Bear at the Berlin Film festival. His latest work is called ‘Teza’.

Source: France24

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  1. i love this film . haile girma belgium meto aychwalew yalgebag neger semu ye abesh esu yemmeslew ferng .

  2. He is showing us as nothing is impossible if we r competent enough …assume Ethiopian movie get western media coverage actually I like ‘TEZA’!!

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