Ethiopian Culture Thrives in Harrisonburg Virginia

by ocean

Families gathered to make friends and learn about Ethiopian Culture at a weekend camp.
Thursday night was the opening night of the Ethiopian Heritage Camp in Harrisonburg.

Native families and families with adopted Ethiopian children gathered at the Massaneta Springs Camp for a weekend of fellowship and learning.

Though the camp is for all ages, it focuses on the children.

Throughout the weekend they will learn about customs, music and food native to Ethiopia.

“We started with welcoming them the traditional way, the hospitality with the music and of course with Ethiopian coffee, and then we will end Sunday with a musical sendoff and a picnic lunch,” says Mekdes Bekele, the founder of the Ethiopian Heritage and Culture Camp.

Ethiopian heritage camp

Ethiopian heritage camp

“We have workshops, activities for the families really to get to know each other as a friend so they will create a long lasting friendship.”

The camp is run by volunteers who work tirelessly to prepare and run the camp.

It will run through Sunday evening with different festivities each night.


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