Ethiopian Airlines to Start 24/7 Global Call Center

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Addis Ababa, May 11 (WIC) – The Ethiopian Airlines said it has entered into an agreement with InterGlobeTechnologies (IGT) to establish a call center that will provide Ethiopian customers access to its service 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Call center

Call center

According to a press release Ethiopian sent to WIC, the initial phase of the call center service is planned to go live as of June, 2010 covering North America, Europe and Asia. The project will be completed in three phases through October, 2010 covering the rest of the World.

The call center will compliment the company’s and e-ticketing activities as costumers now have the option to reach Ethiopian via at any time. The services encompass reservations, sales, ticketing, flight information, flight irregularity handling, Sheba Miles enrollment and support programs and other similar queries.

IGT will be managing the call center operation across its centers based in Gurgaon (India) and Cairo (Egypt), supporting calls in English, French, German and Arabic, while setting up the infrastructure and process to handle Amharic and local calls in Addis with the same system.

Ethiopian long term objective is to establish a similar call center in Ethiopia. The projected call center is therefore, precursor to the eventual transfer of technology and capacity building at home.

Tewolde Gebremariam, Chief Operating Officer of the Airlines said, “Our objective has always been to explore ways and means to enhance our services so as to provide efficient and convenient traveling experience to our customers. Hence, our latest move to avail real-time information is part of the effort to increase passengers’ convenience.”

The call center will enable customers to get accurate information regarding their flight status. The center will have the capacity to reach customers at a short notice and avail information using multi-media channels such as email, SMS, or even calls at preferential outbound rates at all times.

“This partnership with Ethiopian Airline integrates our technology, processes and best practices to provide high quality customer satisfaction to the airline industry,” said Vipul Doshi, Chief Executive Officer, InterGlobe Technologies. “We are delighted to support Ethiopian Airlines to enhance their passenger experience.”

Ethiopian Airlines, one of the largest and fastest growing airlines in Africa, provides dependable service to 37 cities in Africa and a total of 58 International destinations spanning throughout four continents.

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