Ethiopian Airlines Refutes Speculative Reports in Reference to ET-409 Accident

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There have been repeated attempts by some Lebanese media to sway the public opinion by publishing unfounded and speculative information as to the cause behind the accident of ET-409 on January 25, 2010.

As part of this continued and rather concerted effort to mislead the public at large, once again, “Ya Libnan” the Lebanese news paper, on its January 03, 2011 issue, published another groundless information quoting Lebanese Broadcasting Corporation (LBC TV) as a source. The report contemplates that the accident is caused due to pilots’ “exhaustion and inexperience”.

Ethiopian airlines

Ethiopian airlines

It is disheartening to see such unsubstantiated reports issued in utter disregard to the pain and suffering of the families of the deceased while the investigation is still underway.

Ethiopian firmly maintains its position not to comment on the causes of the accident prior to the completion and official release of the results of the investigation, and has all the confidence that the investigation team will take all the factors into account when determining the final causes of the accident. Meanwhile, Ethiopian continues to work closely with authorities to assure the highest safety standards are maintained at all times.

Ethiopian condemns the intentional effort by some Lebanese media to delude the public by disseminating baseless information.

With its impeccable safety record over the past 65 years, Ethiopian is one of the most reliable airlines in the industry that persistently strives for higher safety and service standards.

Source: Ethiopian airlines

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