Ethiopian Airlines Receives First Boeing B777 Freighter

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Addis Ababa — The Ethiopian Airlines colourfully received its first ultra modern B777 freighter here yesterday which is billed another milestone in the African aviation industry.

Speaking at the welcoming ceremony, CEO Tewolde Gebre-Mariam said the B777 freighter aircraft has unparalleled performance in its category fleet with its long-range capability, excellent cargo uplift, special capabilities in temperature control for fresh produce and life science materials as well as fuel efficiency.

Twelde added that the arrival of one of the seven firm order aircraft will help the national carrier maintain its competitiveness across Africa and beyond.

Gust of honour Transport and Communication Minster Diriba Kuma on his part indicated that fast and modern transport service is crucial to boost the nation’s efficiency in the exporting industry particularly to preserve and deliver perishable goods on longer routes. He further said the brand new Boeing will have immense value for the growth of the horticulture sector bringing maximum revenue to the country.

The Ethiopian Horticulture Producer Exporters Association (EHPEA) Chairperson Zelalem Mesele told Ethiopian Press Agency reporters that owning B777 is a remarkable achievement both to the Ethiopian and the nation as well for it helps exploit the most out of the export of horticultural products.

Available data show that B777 Freighter provides more capacity than any other twin-engine freighter. The technology is based on 777-200LR Worldliner (Longer Range) passenger airplane and entered service in February 2009. With a maximum takeoff weight of 766,800 pounds (347,810 kilograms) and also the 777 Freighter has a revenue payload capability of over 100 tonnes while it has a capability of flying 4,900 nautical miles (9,070 km) with a full payload and general cargo market densities, making it the world’s longest-range twin-engine freighter.

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