Ethiopian Airlines may resume 737 Max operations in July

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African carrier Ethiopian Airlines is satisfied with modifications made to the flight-control system of the Boeing 737 Max and may bring the type back into service in the upcoming summer season, according to the carrier’s chief executive Tewolde Gebremariam.

Speaking during a CAPA Live session today, Gebremariam said that, following a “thorough analysis” covering technical, commercial and operational factors, “we decided to continue with the [Max]”.

That means the operator might resume operations with its four grounded Max 8 jets in July – and that it will also continue with its order for 25 more of the type.

Gebremariam’s comments come after several national and international aviation safety agencies cleared the Max to resume commercial flights.

Amid those developments, Ethiopian has “also been following up through our expert technicians, engineers and pilots”, Gebremariam says, and they “seem to be satisfied” that the modifications mandated will fully address issues with design of the MCAS flight-control system.

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