Ethiopian Airlines in Controversy of Ethnic Discrimination and Abuse

Ethiopian Airlines is in a hot water after a news report from a local TV station aired accusing the airline for ethnic discrimination and management abuse from senior staff.

Former Ethiopian Airlines pilot Captain Yohannes Tesfaye told the regional Amhara Mass Media TV station that he was forced to quit his job and started working as a farmer in a rural area of his birthplace due to an enormous pressure and ethnic discrimination because of his identity.

The pilot accused senior management of the Airline abusing their position to punish him and his colleagues only for coming from a different ethnic group than them.

Following the story, many former employees of the Airline coming out on social media with similar stories of abuses and ethnic discrimination by the Airline staff who comes from one region.

Ethiopian Airlines Ethnic Discrimination and Abuse - Facebook post 1

A lot of people in social media calling a reform of the Airline and asking the government for investigations to bring abusers to justice.

Ethiopian Airlines responded with a press release denying the accusation from the former pilot and asked the TV station to apologize for not requesting a response from the Airline on the accusations before it’s aired.

Ethiopian Airlines Ethnic Discrimination and Abuse - press release

Ethiopian Airlines the flag carrier and one of the largest Airline in Africa has been accused for a long time for discrimination on hiring most of its staff only from one ethnic group.


Ethiopian Airlines Ethnic Discrimination and Abuse - Facebook post 2


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