Ethiopian Airlines Crash Victims List: Live Updates



Passengers from more than 30 countries were on board the Ethiopian Airlines flight from Addis Ababa to Nairobi that crashed on Sunday, killing 157 people.

Among the victims were 32 Kenyans, 18 Canadians, nine Ethiopians and seven Britons, according to a passenger list from the doomed flight published by Ethiopian officials.

Nineteen United Nations staff members were among those killed, the UN said.

Here’s a list of the victims and what is known about some of the victims.


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Kenya — 32

Hussein Swaleh, a former Kenyan football administrator, also died in the crash, the Confederation of African Football (CAF) confirmed to the BBC.

The head of Kenya’s football federation tweeted that it was a “sad day for football”.

Mr Swaleh was reportedly returning home after officiating in a CAF Champions League match in Alexandria, Egypt, the CAF said in a statement.

Hussein Swaleh Mtetu is among the 32 Kenyans who perished on Sunday 10 March
Hussein Swaleh Mtetu is among the 32 Kenyans who perished on Sunday 10 March


Dr. Grace Kariuki 

Until her death, Dr. Kariuki was working at the Ministry of Health’s Division for Non-Communicable Diseases.

“KMPDU wishes to deeply condole with the family, friends and colleagues of Dr. Grace M. Kariuki even as we join in mourning all the victims of the ill-fated plane. Her loss is a great loss to the medical community in Kenya,” said Dr. Oluga.

Dr. Grace Kariuki was reportedly returning back home from a cancer-related training in Egypt.

Dr Grace Kariuki Ethiopian Airlines crash victim

Cedric Asiavugwa was a third-year student at Georgetown Law and a member of Georgetown University’s Campus Ministry, the school said. Born and raised in Mombasa, he was on his way home to Nairobi after the death of his fiancée’s mother, according to the school.

Jonathan Seex Tamarind Group CEO was on flight ET302, the hotel company said on its Facebook page.

“It is with immense shock and grief to inform you of the tragic news that Tamarind CEO, Jonathan Seex, was on the ill-fated Ethiopian Airlines flight. Our thoughts and prayers are with his family, friends, the Tamarind community and all the others who have suffered unfathomable losses,” the post read.

Prof Agnes Kathumbi She was a lecturer at the Kenyatta University.

According to the Kenyatta University website, Prof Kathumbi was the director of the Centre for International Programs and Collaborations.


Dr Isaac Minae Mwangi He was a lecturer of educational technology at the Kenyatta University.


Lahoti Vaibhav  According to information from LinkedIn and website created for his memorial, Mr Vaibhav was a first officer at Saudi Arabian Airlines.


Mr Anthony Wanjohi Ngare Mr Ngare previously worked with the Standard Media Group

Ethiopian Airlines crash victims list - kenya

Isabella Beryl Achie Jaboma Ms Jaboma, who hails from Homa Bay County, was travelling home after attending a health conference in Egypt, her family said.

She works for an NGO that promotes treatment of cancer among children.

Ms Isabella Beryl Achie Jaboma. She was
Isabella Beryl Achie Jaboma

Ms Florence Wangari Yongi. Sister Yongi was a Catholi nun and was travelling home from Kisangani, Congo where she worked as a missionary for three-and-half years.

Her father said she was coming to renew her passport.

Ms Florence Wwangari Yongi. Ms Yongi was a
Ms Florence Wangari Yongi


Ms Juliet Murundu Otieno. Ms Otieno was a management consultant at an advisory and training firm based in Nairobi, according to her profile on the LinkedIn website.

 Ms Juliet Otieno. PHOTO | COURTESY

A couple, Mr Jared Babu Mwazo and Mercy Ngami Ndivo, died in the Ethiopian plane crash.

A couple, Mr Jared Babu Mwazo and Mercy Ngami
This image was posted on Twitter by Ms Lydia Wangechi @Lydia_Wangwang. PHOTO | COURTESY
  • Ms Stella Osebe Konarska.
  •  Ms Jane Njeri Kamau.
  •  Mr Siit Abdallah Mohamed.
  • Mr George Mukua Kageche.
  •  Ms Carolyne N Karanja.
  •  Ryan Njoroge Njuguna.
  •  Ms Ann Wangui Karanja.
  •  Mr Bernard Mutua.
  •  Mr Ibrahim Mohamed Abdulhai.
  •  Ms Julia Mwashi.
  •  Mrs Anne Bogoi Birundu.
  • Mrs Helen Waithira Ebewele.
  •  Mr George Kabau.
  •  Mr Swaleh Mtetu Hussein.
  • Ms Immaculate Achieng Odero.
  • Mr Joseph Waithaka. Mr Waithaka moved to the UK about 15 years ago but returned to Kenya in 2015. He was returning home after visiting his family in Hull City.
  • Ms Anne Mukoi Musyoki.
  • Mr Benson Maina Gathu.
  • Mr Rogony Kipngetich.


Canada — 18

Nigerian-born scholar and author Pius Adesanmi was the director of Carleton University’s Institute of African Studies. The Ottawa university said he was among the 18 Canadians killed in the crash.

“Pius Adesanmi was a towering figure in African and post-colonial scholarship and his sudden loss is a tragedy,” said Benoit-Antoine Bacon, president and vice-chancellor.

Derick Lwugi, an accountant with the City of Calgary and member of a Canadian non-profit organization, has been confirmed as one of the 157 people killed in an Ethiopian Airlines plane crash on Sunday.

Lwugi’s friend, Jody Nyakio, confirmed to Postmedia that he died in the crash and is survived by his wife and children. Lwugi was travelling to Kenya to visit the couple’s parents.

Danielle Moore, a 24-year-old woman who grew up in Toronto and worked in Winnipeg at the charity Canada Learning Code, was also killed.

Moore was among a group headed to a United Nations environmental conference.

From left: Derick Lwugi from Calgary, Carlton University professor Pius Adesanmi and Danielle Moore from Winnipeg are among the 18 Canadians killed in Sunday's plane crash in Ethiopia. (Facebook via Canadian Press, Josh Hotz/Carleton University/Associated Press, Facebook)
From left: Derick Lwugi from Calgary, Carlton University professor Pius Adesanmi and Danielle Moore from Winnipeg are among the 18 Canadians killed in Sunday’s plane crash in Ethiopia. (Facebook via Canadian Press, Josh Hotz/Carleton University/Associated Press, Facebook)

Edmonton resident Amina Ibrahim Odowa, 33, and her five-year-old daughter Sofia Abdulkadir were also killed, a family member confirmed to CBC News. Odowa leaves behind two daughters, ages seven and three.

Amina Ibrahim Odowa, 33, and her five-year-old daughter Sofia Abdulkadir killed in the accident
Amina Ibrahim Odowa, 33, and her five-year-old daughter Sofia Abdulkadir killed in the accident


Peter DeMarsh of Taymouth, N.B., was also killed, according to a post on the Facebook account of Helen DeMarsh.

DeMarsh was chair of the International Family Forestry Alliance and of the Canadian Federation of Woodlot Owners.

“Our circle was broken today with the sudden tragic loss of my beloved brother Peter on the Ethiopian Airlines crash this morning,” his sister wrote on Facebook. “He was profoundly dear to me, I looked up to him and I will miss him every day for the rest of my life. Just days ago he met me at the airport with the biggest hug and warmest welcome.


Jessica Hyba: The United Nations High Commission for Refugees says one of its Canadian-born employees was among the victims of the deadly crash of an Ethiopian Airlines plane.

The UNHCR has identified Jessica Hyba, who was working as the organization’s senior external relations officer.

Jessica Hyba

Ethiopia — 9


Senior Capt Yared Mulugeta Gatechew, who was of Kenyan and Ethiopian heritage, was the main pilot on Ethiopian Airlines Flight 302.
He had been working for the airline since November 2007.
He had a “commendable performance” with more than 8,000 hours in the air, the company said.

Senior Capt Yared Mulugeta Gatechew, who was of Kenyan and Ethiopian heritage, was the main pilot on Ethiopian Airlines Flight 302. He had been working for the airline since November 2007
Senior Capt Yared Mulugeta Gatechew, who was of Kenyan and Ethiopian heritage, was the main pilot on Ethiopian Airlines Flight 302. He had been working for the airline since November 2007

Ayantu Girmaye, 24 year old Debre Tabor University graduate who has been with Ethiopian Airlines since 2017.

Ayantu Girmay Ethippia airlines flight crew died in the crash


A non-profit organization from Ethiopia Catholic Relief Services  posted on it’s Facebook page they lost 4 of thier workers.

It is with heavy hearts that we share the news that four members of our staff were killed in the Ethiopian Airlines Flight 302 crash on Sunday, March 10.

Four were employees of Catholic Relief Services, all of them Ethiopian citizens who were traveling to Nairobi for training.


Ethiopian Airlines Crash victims

Sintayehu Aymeku was a procurement manager who left behind a wife and three daughters.

Sara Chalachew was a senior project officer for grants.

Mulusew Alemu was a senior officer in the finance department.

Getnet Alemayehu was a senior project officer for procurement and compliance. He had a wife and one daughter.

China — 8

China’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs said that four of the victims worked for Chinese companies and two for the UN (including one Hong Kong resident). It said the two others were traveling for private purposes and were from Liaoning and Zhejiang.

Jin Yetao, 32, had been stationed in South Sudan for four years and promoted the “Belt and Road Initiative” in Africa, his employer — state-owned Aviation Industry Corporation of China — said.

The initiative “aims to help countries along the route achieve industrialized vision and to provide vocational skill training,” AVIC said.

Jin had been on a business trip to carry out education projects in Kenya, Uganda and Gabon in his role as a deputy manager in an AVIC-affiliated company, it said.

The local Zheijang provincial newspaper Qianjiang Evening reported that a local college senior was also among the victims. It said she was a journalism major who would have turned 22 next month. She had been traveling to Kenya to watch giraffes.
The woman’s college said that she had been expected to graduate in June. Pear Video reports that she was meeting up with her boyfriend in Kenya and was traveling from there.
Victor Tsang, a gender expert from Hong Kong who worked for the United Nations Environment Program in Nairobi. According to his biography on the Environment Program website, Mr. Tsang had worked in Chad, Ethiopia, Panama and South Sudan.

Italy — 8

Paolo Dieci, a founder of an Italian aid group  that partners with Unicef in northern Africa who worked with the International Committee for the Development of Peoples, a nongovernmental organization that seeks to end poverty across the globe.

Virginia Chimenti 

Maria Pilar Buzzetti  around 30, had been with the WFP for almost four years as a consultant and office assistant. Speaking to Italian newspaper Il Messagero, Buzzetti’s mother said her daughter usually called her upon arrival, and she immediately sensed that something was wrong when there was no call on Sunday.

Sebastian Tusa, a councilor of cultural heritage from Sicily. Mr. Tusa was traveling to Malindi, Kenya, to attend a Unesco conference on safeguarding underwater cultural heritage in Eastern Africa.

Three Italians working with humanitarian agency Africa Tremila — treasurer Matteo Ravasio, Carlo Spini and his wife Gabriella Viggiani — were also killed.


USA — 8


France — 7

Karim Saafi, 38, a dynamic young French-Tunisian, civil society activist in Europe and Africa, and traveling with a French passport, was one of the 157 victims deplored.


UK — 7

Joanna Toole, a 36-year-old from Exmouth, Devon, was heading to Nairobi to attend the UN Environment Assembly when she was killed. Two days before she boarded the flight tweeted that she was happy to be among an increasing number of women working for the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization.

Her father, Adrian, described her as a “very soft and loving” woman whose “work was not a job – it was her vocation”.

“It’s just tragic that she couldn’t carry on to further her career and achieve more,” he told the BBC.

Ethiopian Airlines crash victims list Joanna Toole
Joanna Toole (Twitter)


Sarah Auffret, 30 who was also a passenger on Ethiopian Airlines’ new Boeing 737 MAX. Auffret worked for the organization AECO that works to promote more sustainable cruise tourism in the Arctic. Auffret, age 30, was especially working to reduce the use of plastics on board cruiseships, and was on her way to a climate conference in Nairobi.

Egypt — 6

Egypt’s Agriculture Ministry said three of its researchers died in the Ethiopian Airlines crash.

It said in a statement Monday that Ashraf Turki, Doaa Abdel-Salam and Abdel-Hamid Megali were heading to Kenya’s capital, Nairobi, to attend a scientific gathering on genetic improvement of animal and plant production.

Both El Farag and Atef were researchers at the Desert Research Center for Environmental Studies; they were on their way to a training workshop in Kenya.

Both victims were assistant researchers. El Farag, 27, was stationed in the Cairo center while Atef, who obtained her Master’s degree in 2018, was in the Behooth center and was also a teaching assistant at a university. ( Source: EgyptianStreets)

Ethiopian Airlines Crash Egyptian Victims
Ethiopian Airlines Crash Egyptian Victims

ASHRAF TORKY  Dr. Torky was Head of Classification at the Plant Protection Institute of the Agricultural Research Center. He was pertaining in the same workshop as El Farag and Atef.


Both ladies were professional interpreters. According to Almarsad, Abul Farag and Aransa worked as translators with the African Union in Adis Ababa and were en route to Nairobi for work related reasons.

SUSANNE ABUL FARAG and ESMAT ARENSA Ethiopian Airlines crash
worked as translators with the African Union in Adis Ababa (Source:

Germany — 5

— The U.N. migration agency said that one of its staffers, German citizen Anne-Katrin Feigl, was en route to a training course in Nairobi.

— The Rev. Norman Tendis was a long-time pastor in the protestant congregation of St. Ruprecht in Villach, Austria. The World Council of Churches said Monday that he was traveling to the U.N. environment summit in Nairobi.

The 51-year-old is survived by his wife and three daughters.

— The German development aid organization GIZ said one of its staff was also on the plane. GIZ spokeswoman Tanja Stumpff said the woman was on a business trip. She declined to provide further details, citing privacy reasons.

India — 4

Indian citizen Shikha Garg, a consultant with India’s Environment Ministry working with the U.N. Development Program. She, too, was flying to attend the environment conference.


Slovakia — 4

Slovakian lawmaker Anton Hrnko said on Facebook that his wife, Blanka, son Martin and daughter Michala were among the victims.

A lawmaker of the Slovak Parliament said his wife, daughter and son were killed in the crash. Anton Hrnko, a legislator for the ultra-nationalist Slovak National Party, said he was “in deep grief” over the deaths of his wife, Blanka; son, Martin; and daughter, Michala. Their ages weren’t immediately available.

Martin Hrnko worked for the Bubo travel agency and was traveling on vacation to Kenya, the agency said.

Austria — 3

—Austrian Foreign Ministry spokesman Peter Guschelbauer confirmed that three Austrian doctors in their early 30s were on board the flight. The men were on their way to Zanzibar, he said, but he could not confirm the purpose of their trip.

Russia — 3

The Russian Embassy in Ethiopia tweeted the names of three Russian citizens who were on the plane: Ekaterina Polyakova, Aleksandr Polyakov and Sergey Vyalikov.

Russian news reports identified Polyakova and Polyakov as a married couple. State news agency RIA-Novosibirsk said the three were visiting Africa as tourists.

Sweden — 3

— Hospitality company Tamarind Group announced “with immense shock and grief” that its chief executive, Jonathan Seex, was among the fatalities.

— The Stockholm-based Civil Rights Defenders, an international human rights group, said employee Josefin Ekermann, 30, was on board the plane. Ekermann, who worked to support human rights defenders, was on her way to meet Kenyan partner organizations. The group’s executive director, Anders L. Pettersson, says “Josefin was a highly appreciated and respected colleague.”

— The Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency said a “longtime and highly appreciated colleague” was killed. It said it wouldn’t publish the person’s name.

Israel — 2

Morocco — 2

Ahmed Chihab, an official in the government’s environment department, and

Professor El Hassan Sayouti of Hassan II University of Casablanca planned to be part of Morocco’s delegations at the United Nations meeting in Nairobi, according to Prime Minister Saad-Eddine El Othmani. The government did not provide more information about the two men.

Poland — 2

— Poland’s Foreign Ministry says one of the Polish victims was a longtime employee of the ministry who worked at the Polish Embassy in Cairo and was on a job assignment. The other victim was a minor with dual Polish and Kenyan citizenship.

Spain — 2

Jordi Dalmau Sayol, 46, was a Catalan chemical engineer who was on a business trip. He was working for a water infrastructure company that was awarded a water desalination project in Kenya, according to the Spanish daily La Vanguardia. Mr. Dalmau’s death was confirmed by his company, as well as by Elsa Artadi, the spokeswoman for the regional government of Catalonia, in northeastern Spain.

Pilar Martínez Docampo, 32, worked for an aid organization and was traveling to Kenya to give language classes to children there, according to La Opinión, a local newspaper in her home region of Galicia, in northwestern Spain. The authorities in her hometown, Cangas do Morrazo, confirmed her death and decreed three days of mourning.

Belgium — 1

Djibouti — 1

Indonesia — 1

Ireland — 1

Michael Ryan 39, had worked as an engineer with the World Food Programme on projects in the developing world.

Mr Ryan, 39, had worked as an engineer with the World Food Programme on projects in the developing world.

Irishman Michael Ryan was among seven people from the United Nations’ World Food Program who were killed.Irish premier Leo Varadkar said: “Michael was doing life-changing work in Africa with the World Food Program.”


Mozambique — 1

Norway — 1

Karoline Aadland, who worked for the aid organization’s international division, was on the flight that crashed between Addis Abeba and Nairobi. The 28-year-old woman was on her way to meet Red Cross partners in Burundi, according to the Norwegian Red Cross’ secretary general Bernt G Apeland.


Rwanda — 1

Jackson Musoni, 31, had worked since late 2017 as associate field coordinator for the U.N. refugee agency in Sudan’s East Darfur region. He joined the agency in Rwanda in 2014 and previously worked for the Rwandan foreign ministry. He leaves behind a family including three children aged 8, 5 and 4.


Saudi Arabia– 1

Sudan — 1

Somalia — 1

Serbia — 1

Djordje Vdovic of Serbia, who worked at the World Food Program, was also killed. A Serbian state news agency said .

Togo — 1

Another incredible African scholar lost on the Ethiopian Airlines flight: Kodjo Glato, a young Togolese crop scientist with a passion for sweet potatoes and how they could be used to improve food security in West Africa. He had an NGO called “Farmers Without Borders.”

Uganda — 1

Yemen — 1

Nepal — 1

Nigeria — 1

Ambassador Abiodun Bashua, a retired Nigerian foreign service officer died in the crash, the Nigerian presidency and government confirmed.

Ambassador Abiodun Bashua was a retired Nigerian Foreign Service Officer who worked for UNAMID and the United Nations office to African Union.

Ethiopian Airlines crash victims list Nigeria Abiodun Bashua

One passenger was traveling on a UN passport.




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