Ethiopia: Yabelo Wildlife Paradise –

by Zelalem

A trip to Yabelo National Park is nothing like you experience in zoos, rather it’s a trip which takes you deep into the wildlife in its natural habitat. It’s home to a stunning wildlife array that takes you into their daily activities and more, while you camp around the park for a greater view. It’s a destination filled with an exciting wildlife adventure waiting to be explored. The adventure at Yabelo where a close encounter with incredible creatures is almost guaranteed.

The stunning Yabelo is a protected area and wildlife sanctuary in southern Ethiopia. The famous park is located in Borena Oromia State and streaches over an area of 2,500 square kilometers. It’s home to endemic Swayne‟s Hartebeest, Bush Crow and White-tailed Swallow, Ostrich and over 210 species of birds. Zebra, Gazelle and Guenther’s Dik-Dik are quite common. If you want to enjoy an exciting wildlife spotting and catch a good look of the green jungle, then head to Yabelo National Park where you can experience the ultimate escapade.

The jungle is the closest town to Omo Valley, one of the most stunning national parks in Ethiopia. Here, you are not only going to enjoy exotic wildlife but also several hot springs which are believed to have healing power. The valley also offers the best river adventures, rapids, canyons and creeks. There is also the historical museum & research centre which creates an access to ancient treasures and scripts from the small town.

The population in Omo Valley is of nomadic pastoralists with their own adventurous lifestyle. Their public ceremonies, dances and traditional leather clothings can give anyone an exceptional and unforgettable charming experience. The southern and south-western regions also have quite a lot of national parks with numerous endemic species of animals. In such parks, a rare access could be granted to see animals up-close.

Omo Valley is undoubtedly one of the most unique places on earth because of the variety of traditional people and wild animals. The region is known for its culture and diversity. The tribes that live in the lower Omo Valley are among the most fascinating cultural people on the continent. The Omo National Park is nothing short of a wildlife allowing a close-up view of buffaloes, cheetahs, monkeys, crocodiles, lions and zebras among others. There are also over 300 species of birds flying around the park, creating amazing opportunities for bird watching.

The spectacular landscape at Maji Mountain, the Sharum and Sai plains in the northwest and the Lilibai plains and Dirga Hills are best for trekking. Check out the mountain guides and security instruction before setting out to hike and see the outdoor life to have risk free hike and exploration.

Delight in what nature has to offer at Yabelo National Park and Omo Valley, enjoying the overflowing wildlife at one of the most striking locations in Ethiopia.

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