Ethiopia Working for Safe Return of Nationals from Saudi Arabia – Minister – Ezega

by Zelalem

Ethiopia-immigrants-returning-saudi-arabiaMarch 30, 2017 – The government of Ethiopia has announced plans for the safe return of Ethiopian immigrants residing in Saudi Arabia, according to ENA.

The government of Saudi Arabia has given 90 days amnesty to all illegal immigrants living in the country.

The government is working to protect the rights of its citizens while returning home, Minister of Government Communication Affairs Office, Dr Negeri Lencho, told ENA.

A national task force that consist a command post has also established to effectively coordinate the safe return of nationals.

Dr Negeri said activities that will enable Ethiopians get accurate information regarding their return have been undertaken to ensure the safety of Ethiopian returnees.

It was recalled that thousands of Ethiopian living illegally in Saudi Arabia had returned home few years ago.

The Minister noted that because of wrong information distributed by some forces during that time, many Ethiopians suffered a lot.

Dr Negeri urged Ethiopian immigrants illegally living in Saudi Arabia and families to leave the country with the given period to avoid such problems. (ENA)

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