Ethiopia: Women Urged to Have Timely Kidney Diagnosis

by Zelalem

The Ethiopian Kidney Association called on fellow women to carry out a usual kidney diagnosis as they are more vulnerable to various kidney infections than men.

The Association President Dr. Lissane Seifu told The Ethiopia Herald that globally ten of percent women are at risk of contracting Kidney diseases and this number would rise in developing countries like Ethiopia.

He said the association conducts kidney test and awareness rising campaigns on World Kidney Day which is coincided with International Women’s Day.

Explaining why the campaign focuses on women, he said: “They are more likely to suffer from kidney impairment and related diseases because of pregnancy, lupus, and other typical diseases that affect women’s health.”

He also underscored that:” Because of the lack of awareness, many women come to medical centers having inflicted great damages on their kidneys .”

Dr. Lissane indicated the serious kidney disease would be turned into chronic one and cause death.

” As kidney disease is one the the silent killers,we need to work aggressively on awareness creation activities in this end.”

Particularly , every expectant mother need to have kidney test frequently,he said adding that people with diabetics, hypertensive, overweight individuals and those with family history of kidney and aforementioned diseases have to do the same.

Pointing out some of symptoms that women with kidney disease experiences, he said menstrual irregularities, sexual dysfunction, depression and infertility.

Despite the fact that kidney is severe health problem, Dr Lissane said: “One can easily prevent it by controlling his lifestyle and dietary.” For example; one can prevent kidney disease taking regular control of sugar level and pressure of blood, controlling weight, avoiding smoking, reducing salt and alcohol intake , eating fruits and vegetable and doing regular physical exercise and the like, he added.

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