Ethiopia: What does it take to get the helicopters back?

by Zelalem

ewnetu tazebe

Yilma the lunitic, you wrote nothing new it is business as usual, you the most hateful, blinded by advantage, you have nothing to offer, but just continue to acuse the hard working goviernment. which has done so many many outstanding jobs, you can read and ask any african, american, europian, asian etc.. leaders and business communities, the world band , IMF, etc..I know that hate mongering Yilma has no interst to know about the good jobs done in our country, in other words you Yilma wants to see is bloodshade, drought, divided country, let me tell you , you moroan all these things you always waiting will never happen, rather your days are in mumbers you to punish your self, you guys Yilma the lunitic, Alemayehu G. mairam the ghost, Berhanu nega the moroan, Elias kifle the Keftaf, …and your little dog the son of Melaku Lemagne Beyene…..must be arested and deported to ethiopia to face justic like your friend Andargachew the thug..when he was cought you know what he said, you will do the samething, because you have no agenda to run and die for, just only hate, nonsense talk….finaly Yilma the lunitic, idiot no where you can get by writting such a garbage, but you will one day cry…….
May god bless our beautiful country Ethiopia.

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