Ethiopia: United We Stand Divided We Fall

by Zelalem

With the aura of invincibility forefathers had bequeathed to posterity a country with a sacrosanct sovereignty and territorial integrity. They were cherishing love and respect for each other. One virtue ascribable for their glaring victories and success stories. Now, exploiting the peace that ensued through selfless sacrifices, this generation is all out to spur the country’s march towards affluence.

Lifting itself from the quagmire of poverty, current-day Ethiopia has embarked on the road of Renaissance that took the world by surprise. Fertilized with budding democracy, development is being equally spread across the nation.

Tragic as it may sound,enemies, who watch the country’s stride on the avenue of growth with frowned eyes, try to destabilize its tranquility and calm thereby to detract the country from its developmental push. But its children that never wishes its ills watch these quarters with wide opened eyes. It gives extremist politicians, here and abroad, discomfort to observe tranquility, justness, equality, respect and unity-in-diversity that are sending long roots in Ethiopia’s soil. Ill-wishers paint the country a nation drowned in political turmoil. Parochial enemies,hinterland and abroad, hallucinate about the country’s collapse and elimination of its citizens. Fishing in a troubled water is their daydream.Towards the fulfillment of their evil goals they beat a drum of war. Assigning handsomely-paid mercenaries, they din disturbance into peaceful citizens’ ears.

Due to the to dos they created last year to mar peace sweet talking the unquestioning into upheavals, tragically human and material causalities had surfaced. Sadist as they are, they relish bloodshed.

Towards the statuesque and to parry the specter of disintegration hovering on the country’s sky, the government had imposed a state of emergency. Some were questioning the importance of the state of emergency voicing complaints that many are being detained,not all detainees have appeared before court and how far could the law helps ensure peace?,among others. However, the state of emergency, dealing a punitive measure to perpetrators of destruction and discouraging their supporters behind the scene, had proved its effectiveness.

According to the rule of the land, citizens are equal in ethnicity, religion, politics, lifestyle and culture. They lavish harmoniously and peacefully leading life giving value to their diversity. On the other hand of the scale,anti-peace elements feed the rumor mill with far fetched and fake stories of disintegration. They want one ethnic group to grope for the neck of others. Elevating particular instances into a general truth or making a mountain out of a mole hill–minor disturbances here and there as civil wars–they day dream to fuel and fan a possible fire. However,handling the case with sagacity and foiling orchestrations, citizens disgracefully make these heinous elements have a tail between their legs.

Public discussion forums so far held to iron out fracases taking aboard,religious and cultural leaders,experts,state administrators and youths showcase the aforementioned fact. Revolted by the turmoil, strife and disintegration rocking many countries and weighing the tranquility of their nation with such sad episodes Ethiopians cherish their peace and its sustainability. The public conference held in Amhara state recently between delegates of the Oromia state and that of the host state speaks loud the peace loving bent of citizens. It conveyed a message to friends and foes sowing a seed of discord does not work under Ethiopian skies. As the saying goes “United we stand divided we fall!” To actualize their Renaissance Ethiopians must capitalize on their chemistry they are marked for. They must turn deaf ears to the utterances of doomsayers. They must also sieve the wheat from the chaff while reading internet materials such as Facebook. Keeping tuned to/reliable sources and media outlets pays.

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