Ethiopia: Travel Is Attainable Even If You Are Busy With Low Budget

by Zelalem

The time has come when there is no setback for travel to new destinations despite busy schedules. You might think travel costs are seeing a historic high making travel off limits but think again if you are planning a trip to Ethiopia’s destinations. Teeming with so much adventure and affordable options, Jumia Travel says Ethiopia proved itself as a fabulous affordable destination offering the best at all size of budgets.

Ethiopia is a major win for your budget travel. Consider traveling from April to August where the room prices, even those of the luxurious hotels will put you at ease. Ethiopia, a country of ancient history is a great fit to any budget and time frame. It’s a place where the generation lived to tell and preserve the incredible history of the country keeping you welcomed in all corners of the destinations. It’s a unique place where fresh organic farm gets to table as a way of life. The destination that has long given travelers great value for money and adventure is open more than ever. Be sure to be overwhelmed with excitements visiting the Ethiopian historical iconic handmade rock obelisks, waterfalls, hot springs, mountains and wildlife’s. These are just the tip of the iceberg in the Ethiopian adventure.

With truly stunning natural beauty, history and charming locals you are bound to have the time and the trip of a lifetime without breaking the bank. Food is another reason many enjoy a trip to Ethiopia. The local mouthwatering dishes cost just under three dollars in most places while it can cost under nine dollars in fancy places and the best part is the food is so plenty it can be shared with two. You can also find these yummy local dishes on the streets under two dollars where you will enjoy your dish in an open air or a little coverage shade. Veggies, cereal dishes and fresh fruits are a lot cheaper than meat options. Whether you are a vegetarian, fruitarian or vegan you will find the best of each dish at all corners of the country. Eat your way out through the glamorized destinations relaxing beyond your expectation. _

The country takes shopping experience to the next level. From the handmade and precious souvenirs, local cotton fashion handmade shoes to handmade leather bags the heartwarming prices makes no luggage enough to bring back items to remember a trip to Ethiopian destinations. When it comes to accommodation there is a pleasant options fitting to everyone’s budget. Prices of comfortable accommodations start from 3.55 dollars and for those looking for world class luxury while still on the budget at incredible scenery destinations surrounding outskirts of the capital Addis Ababa are the best picks. These are just few of the affordable upscale accommodations that will offer comfort making Ethiopia to stand out among the budget friendly outstanding destinations.

The country’s beach destinations never get crowded and be sure to take a sip of freshly squeezed juices and snacks while you enjoy the warm sun. Explore the traditional and international restaurants, push your limits hiking the rewarding mountains paying only under ten dollars. As you are in Ethiopia one of the quality organic coffee brand cultivators, it’s a great opportunity to taste the different flavors of coffee in the country which makes it the best. The Ethiopian coffee is an experience which takes you into a highest level of energy boost and delicious coffee drinking experience through the organically cultivated beans.

Who wants to miss out from the national parks which are full of life plus it only costs few dollars. The green national parks not only give you a fresh air experience but also takes you inside the wilderness at its natural habitat. Do not be amazed when you face great encounters spotting wildlife like lions, monkeys, zebras, and red fox among others. Do not worry about how to get around, public transports are very cheap the popular blue taxies, buses even the fancy electric metro costs less than half a dollar even to long distance rides. With so much to see and enjoy Ethiopia is a high end destination which makes you appreciate the money value for the life long experience you get in return.

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