Ethiopia to Host Third International Ethiopian Coffee Conference

by Zelalem

The Ethiopian Coffee Exporters Association (ECEA) is to host the third International Ethiopian Coffee Conference from 6-8 November.

The event is designed to bring exporters and buyers together. There will also be coffee market analysts, who will predict the future market of coffee in accordance with the export plan of Ethiopia.

The aim of the conference will be to evaluate the quality of Ethiopia’s Coffee and discuss ways of improvement, assess the relation between market and quality, discuss international research for the improvement of coffee quality, promote the traceability of Ethiopian coffee and widen the export coffee market, as the press release from the Association states.

The entrance fee for the conference is 5,000 Br for the members of the Association and 7,000 Br for those out of the union.

About 300 participants will attend the conference from all coffee market players, researchers, Ethiopian coffee buyers and other organisations.

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