Ethiopia: The Fabulous Life Full Parks of Ethiopia

by Zelalem

Covered in evergreen grasses, forest and flowers, Ethiopia’s national parks are the ultimate delights for exploration, picnic and refreshment. It’s full of breath taking landscapes and wildlife’s. From the incredible green hills, mountains, waterfalls and nearby traditional houses, the parks have unforgettable charm that will stay with you forever.

Start with Chebera Churchura National Park where you can see wildlife, the green land park, the waterfalls and the mountains. The park has several sites to explore. The blooming colorful flowers of the park add more fun to the park stunning view even to the more seasoned travelers. Enjoying the fresh breath that comes from the trees, rivers and lakes is a life time enlightening experience. The best part of the park is its offering wildlife view without affecting their natural habitat. The Cape, lions, giant elephants, hippos and leopards, giraffe’s, colorful insects and birds offer the most out of the stunning landscapes._

Next, head to the Omo Park found on the west bank of the Omo River. Its wildlife paradise allowing a close-up view of buffaloes, cheetahs, monkeys, crocodiles, lions and zebras among others. The park is not short of birds; it’s home to over 300 species of birds flying around the park making a mesmerizing sounds that refreshes your soul and body. It’s possible to have a best trekking time at Maji Mountain, the Sharum, Sai plains, the Lilibai plains and Dirga Hills. Besides the excitement from the parks, the fabulous traditional villages and the way of life as well as the hot spring natural waters are worth visiting for an ultimate adventure.

It’s truly a must to visit Afar’s Yangudi Rassa National Park. Not only can you score close up view of the wildlife daily routines, but you can also discover the nearby global stunning landscapes that will take any travel experience to the next level. The Yangudi Rassa National Park and the nearby sites blend nature and exclusive tradition offering breathtaking adventure. It also offers a best trekking experience at Mount Yangudi. It’s no place for random sights but a place of extravaganza where you can experience the amazing wilderness in this remote northeastern part of Ethiopia. Dallol and Erta Ale are one of the few superb sceneries of Afar.

These are not the only parks to visit and have unforgettable exploration opportunities. The exceptional Yabelo National Park is absolutely stunning and full of wildlife’s and green forests. It’s best suited for camping while watching the wildlife’s closely. The fabulous park is located inside the evergreen Borena Oromia State. It has several endemic wildlife including Swayne’s Hartebeest, Bush Crow and White-tailed Swallow, Ostrich and over 210 species of birds.

Zebra, Gazelle, and Guenther’s Dik-Dik are particular of the park. The same exciting exploration is available at Menagesha Suba forest. The ancient and the ultimate refreshing park is truly a place to be. Located just 40 kilometers away from Addis Ababa, the forest is the best place for wildlife view and just delight out of the ordinary. Certainly the Ethiopian densely forested parks present exciting wildlife spotting and refreshing environments that should be in every once bucket list.

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