Ethiopia Takes Further Precautions Against Ebola

by Zelalem

Ethiopia has set up necessary and appropriate standby medical facilities and mechanisms as a precaution against the appearance of any cases of Ebola. Dr. Keseteberhan Admassu, Minister of Health, said a new Ebola treatment hospital with ten beds, with possible expansion to 50 beds, had been set up and fully equipped with medical staff.

No cases of Ebola have been observed in Ethiopia, but as a contingency measure some 20 doctors and nurses are on standby to treat any possible cases in isolation. Some of these are stationed at airports to examine any suspicious cases on arrival. The Minister said that there had been no cases of Ebola arriving in Ethiopia and there were none on in the country. It was not an emergency for Ethiopia at this time.

Ethiopian Airlines, which is continuing flights to West Africa, says it has no direct flights to most of the affected countries. Airline officials have said that the airline is taking precautions and officials say the virus has no chance of infecting passengers on-board Ethiopian Airline flights. The World Health Organization, the African Union and other stakeholders are collaborating to curb and stop the spread of the disease.

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