Ethiopia Squanders 20 Percent of Electric Power Annually

by Zelalem

Tayitu 14th

Some 20 percent of electric power Ethiopia generates is lost due to how the power is used and the inefficient technology in operation, Ethiopian Energy Authority (EEA) has said.

Getahun Moges, energy efficiency and saving department director at EEA, said the backward technology used including power consuming light bulbs and mitad (oven used to make injera) at the household level as well as operation of some industries are among the chief causes of wastage in electric power consumption. The electric energy is also wasted during production and distribution process as well.

The country generates roughly 2000 MW electric power annually wasting a huge proportion, some 400MW, of the power generated, according to the official.

Getahun said the wastage could cover the annual power demand of Djibouti, Burundi and Eritrea combined.

To minimizing wastage, the government has been working to encourage industries to utilize energy saving and efficient technologies, Getahun said. It also scrutinizes locally produced and imported energy technologies and offers energy efficient light bulbs and stoves.

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