Ethiopia seeks Qatari investment

Ethiopian Ambassador Mesganu Arga Moach and minister Shibru Mamo Kedida with Barwa Real Estate acting CEO Ahmed Abdulla al-Abdulla at his office.


Ethiopia is exploring the possibility of attracting investments from Qatar in diverse areas of activities in the mainland East African nation.
A delegation, comprising Ethiopia’s minister Shibru Mamo Kedida and Ambassador Mesganu Arga Moach in Doha, called on Barwa Group acting CEO Ahmad Abdullah al-Abdulla.
The Barwa Group said the delegation’s visit was aimed at strengthening the economic and investment ties with Qatar represented by one of its biggest real estate and investments companies.
Discussions were held on the group’s future plans and the potential of studying the investment environments in Ethiopia for future business opportunities.
Ahmad Abdulla al-Abdulla said: “Ethiopia is one of the most developing countries in Africa in such areas as industry, agriculture, economic and hospitality fields. The country maintains an annual growth rate that has been increasing for the past many years, which makes it a promising business environment for foreign investors. Although, we at Barwa are focusing on domestic development projects at the moment, we realise the importance which lies in the investment environment in Ethiopia, and promise to explore the chances of doing business there.”

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