Ethiopia Seals Trade, Investment Deals With Qatar

by Zelalem

Ethiopia has signed agreements with the governments of US and Qatar which would help maximize its foreign trade while strengthening the former’s role in stabilizing the Horn region.

In his regular press briefing, Foreign Affairs Ministry Spokesperson Meles Alem told journalists that Prime Minister Hailemariam Dessalegn has undertaken successful state visit in Qatar in which the two countries have agreed to enhance trade and investment.

Similarly, Foreign Minister Dr. Workneh Gebeyehu visited the United States last week, Meles said, adding that the minister has discussed various issues of bilateral relations with Senate and Congress members.

Their discussion has been aimed at sustaining peace and security in the Horn region, he added.

Besides, there was meeting called by US State Secretary, Rex Tillerson which focused on strengthening cooperation between Africa and US on trade, combating terrorism and extremism, the Spokesperson stated.

“The trade balance between Africa and the

US is still at its lowest stage. So they have conferred on ways of boosting it. They as well discussed on luring American investors to Ethiopia.”

According to him, tackling terrorism and extremism was another agenda of discussion. “Since Africa has broad boundary, it could not control terrorism, extremism, human trafficking and other challenges with its limited capital and skilled human power. Thus, cooperating with the US government would be hugely important,” Meles stressed.

Indicating that 40 African Foreign Ministers were participants in the meeting, Foreign Minister Dr.Workenh Gebeyehu has explained the anti-terrorism efforts Ethiopia has been undertaking to stabilize the Horn African region and beyond.

The American Senate and Congress members for their part have hailed Ethiopia as the decisive strategic ally of the United States, he reaffirmed, adding: “The Senate and Congress members have lauded the efforts of Ethiopia in ensuring peace and stability in South Sudan in collaboration with IGAD Member states.”

Commenting on the recently extended sanction on Eritrea, Meles said the move has huge importance in maintaining peace and security in the Horn of Africa.

Moreover, few Egyptian media reports which claimed that Qatar is financing the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) are unfounded, Alem confirmed.

“What should have to be underlined is that the owners and engineers of this gigantic project are Ethiopians. Now it has seen over 60 percent completions with ever increasing public mobilization.”

The Spokesperson emphasized the government will continue cooperating with Egyptian and Sudanese governments.

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