Ethiopia says thwarted Eritrea-planned “terrorist’’ attack

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By Tesfa-Alem Tekle

(ADDIS ABABA) – Ethiopia said it has foiled a terrorist attack sponsored by its neighbor Eritrea, state-run Ethiopian Television has reported.

According to the report seven militants allegedly trained and armed by the Eritrean government have been taken to custody with their weapons by security forces in the Afar region, bordering Eritrea.

The militants are said to have departed from Eritrea’s Asab city and then travelled across the border into Ethiopia, planning to carry out massive attacks.


One of the detainees appeared on television confessing that they were trained, armed and received a direct orders from the Eritrean government to perpetuate attacks on public facilities, transport vehicles, fuel stations, public centers and other main infrastructures.

Around 50 kilograms of explosives and various other weapons as well as large amount of Ethiopian currency enough to carry out the mission was found in their possession.

Eritrea seceded from Ethiopia in 1993 after fighting a long war for independence against Addis Ababa.

Ethiopia and Eritrea fought a war during 1998-2000 over territorial disputes, killing nearly 70,000 people. The horn of Africa neighbors continuously trade accusations of arming and supporting each others’ rebel movements.


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