Ethiopia says it plans to build 4 new Nile dams to become ‘power hub’

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ADDIS ABABA, (AP) — Ethiopia says it will build four more hydroelectric dams on the Nile river as part of a plan to become a power hub for Africa.

Ethiopian power corporation manager Mihret Debebe said Wednesday the dams could produce up to 11,000 megawatts and that work will start after 2015. He says the electricity will be exported to neighboring countries.

Ethiopia has already started building another Nile dam in the country’s west. Officials say it will be the largest dam in Africa and can generate 5,250 megawatts.Ethiopian-dam

Officials say the $4.7 billion cost for that dam can be met without foreign assistance.

Egypt has previously refused any deal that would reduce its share of the Nile and give more access to other countries. A 1929 colonial-era treaty gives Egypt majority rights to the Nile’s waters.

Source: AP

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goban gergo July 2, 2011 - 4:40 pm

If you dam 40, egypt never go to war.what do you think meles’s ,would you crash it again ? Nile water poltics never keep you on power but do your best ?

Girum July 2, 2011 - 8:03 pm

How about building a space shuttle? or sending a robot to mars? Millions of Ethiopians live at the brink of starvation and Meles is filling your belly with development propaganda.

nikodimos July 2, 2011 - 9:49 pm

This would probably take another 20-30 years. Anyway would our neighbors simply sit and wait us to provide them with power? The Kenyan’s were, for example, recently talking of going nuclear (BBC), Sudanese have have been planning to build their own dams for the same purpose, Djibouti, well, 500,000 people would not need that much power, & who can ELPA be dealing with in Somalia. Perhaps a change of more ….. strategies might be needed to …

ADH July 3, 2011 - 1:49 pm

it is time for us,ethiopian, to unite and work together cos we ve got enemies both from inside and outside, they would not simply sit and watch, so we should not have difference on national matters so they cant penetrate,plus those who are ethiopians,but opposing this dams(i am talking abt a few diasporas),dont betray ur country whatever diffrences we ve got with goverment,please make sure country will remain exist but parties will changed, so dont harm our country in the name of opposing the goverment. millenium dam is the first of the begining, we will build 3 extra dams on nile(abay),i greatly appreciate our goverment for the things they have done. Finally, i want to say something for those who are demonstrating against ethiopian project,think of who is going to be benefited from this millenium project, do u think pm meles will took all 5250 mw for himself, no, wake up guys,it is for farmers, inverstors and universites,. i have got a question for diaspora community ” u r accusing ethiopian goverment for not expanding schools,roads,employement and u r also agains those projects?”…funnyy


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