Ethiopia: Restive Towns in North Wollo Back to Normal – GCAO

by Zelalem

Peace and stability has been restored in the restive towns of North Wollo Zone of Amhara State , according to Government Communication Affairs Office (GCAO).

Briefing journalists on various current affairs, GCAO Minister Dr. Negeri emphasized that the latest hot spots of conflict, Kobo, Woldia and Mersa towns are now back to normal. The regional state and the concerned bodies are doing their level best in investigating the causes to the conflict, he added.

He also said that the government is working hand in hand with pertinent stakeholders to maintain sustainable peace in the country.

According to him, the youth should be committed to protect infrastructural facilities from destruction by tackling anti-peace moves.

“Rent seeking behavior, mal-administration, negligence to public grievances and biased information through social media and some media outlets are among the causes to disagreement”, he emphasized.

The media [some] are exacerbating disagreement among peoples causing the looming destruction of infrastructural facilities by the innocent youth in some parts of the country, he noted.

He further said that the main objective of these misguided media and social media is fuelling conflict and havoc among the public.

He underlined that distorted information from these irresponsible media had brainwashed university students not to attend their education peacefully.

“There are some social media and other media outlets insisted on defaming the prevailing peace and unity of the country”, he indicated.

The minister urged the media to covey peace, unity and act responsibly to disseminate the longstanding togetherness and its value of national peace and stability.

“It is impossible to gain public trust through deception”, he emphasized.

Thus, everyone should be accountable to his/her wrong doing and no one can benefit from infrastructural destruction, he said.

“Some media are engaged in hasty generalization”, he noted.

The Minister stressed that his Office will work tirelessly to improve the communication system and handle anti-peace moves.

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