Ethiopia: Resolution Ignores Longstanding Relationship, Ongoing Efforts

by Zelalem

Ethiopia is a sovereign country that has its own constitution and foreign policy as the United States of America. The nations have been having strong relationship on regional peace and security with the US’s invaluable development partnership for times in the past.

And the US government, including even President Donald Trump’s government, has been underscoring Ethiopia’s role in improving regional security as both caretaker of refugees and of contributor to peacekeeping operations and as a leader in both the Intergovernmental Authority on Development and the African Union.

It has been emphasizing that the US supports Ethiopia as it does the hard work of advancing democratic reforms to broaden political participation. It has also been encouraging the nation’s Foreign Affairs Ministry to continue to focus on private sector growth and the transparency that create the environment for increased investment.

Securing the political and diplomatic support of the U.S. has a great bearing for the success of the nation’s efforts to achieve peace and security. It is clear that the governments of the two nations must work collaboratively for mutual benefits. Strict adherence to such an approach is important.

However, the United States’ Congress, which claims it is standing to advocate for human rights, passed a resolution against the Ethiopian government and peoples on human right handling. Apart from being a direct interference on a country’s internal affairs, it is an infringement against Ethiopia’s sovereignty and its peoples’ dignity. It also aimed at creating discord between the government and the people in the name of democracy and human rights.

Not only that, the decision has also many implications for the Ethiopians. Particularly, it is untimely because it is passed when the ruling party launched multifaceted reforms, elected its leader peacefully and democratically. And it is passed when the Ethiopian people’s are exerting efforts for peace, unity, security and prosperity. Therefore, it is untimely and does not take into considerations the interests of Ethiopians.

Even though there is no uncertainty that the U.S. is the most powerful influence in today’s world, it is not a guarantee to the Congress to interfere into the internal affairs of a nation by the name of human rights disobedience. It should respect the sovereignty of a nation and the dignity of its people.

As well, its urge to lift the State of Emergency is clearly interfering internal affairs. It should also be stressed that State of Emergency is not unusual issue in times of crisis to many countries of and remained only internal issue to all.

Governments with the primary goal of protecting their citizens from undesirable mass destruction and to restore peace and stability within the country, it put in place. And it has to be considered similarly in the case of Ethiopia. For the same reason, the Ethiopian House of Peoples’ Representatives declared it for six months following the political unrest occurred in some parts of the country.

Therefore, the resolution’s urge to lift the decree is not respecting the supreme power of the house, but it touches its dignity and doing its duty.

The Respected Congress must value that Ethiopians are well aware of what is right and good for themselves and the country. It also must understand that they know the importance of the decree and recognize as it would be lifted when the right time comes without the need of any push from external forces.

It should not only hear the noises of the few dependent Diasporas but must stress to the mass at home. And the resolution is far from the interests of Ethiopians and the objectives of human rights and democracy.

Although, as it is stated by Spokesperson of the Ethiopian Foreign Affairs, it ignores the longstanding strong relationship and diplomatic ties, it will not fracture them. As well, the HR 128 is violation to Ethiopia’s sovereignty and its peoples’ dignity. It does not also consider all the efforts that the country has made so far in terms of struggling for democracy, fighting terrorism, sustaining peace and stability within the region and beyond.

Due to these and other similar issues, the resolution is untimely, inappropriate and prejudiced. Thus, it is not acceptable by the Ethiopian government and Ethiopians. The Congress should reconsider the decision.

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