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by Zelalem


It is evident than before Ethiopia has stunningly been rising since the Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Democratic Front (EPRDF)-led government came to power in 1991. With outstanding home-grown policies and visionary leadership of the incumbent government, Ethiopia has been registering successes in political and socio-economic sectors. Over the past two decades significant changes have been seen in infrastructure development, improved schools and health centres accessibility. Generally, the reduction in the percentage of people under poverty line was significant. The robust economic growth has played a hefty role in this regard. However, there are still gaps between the demand of the people and the supply delivered by the Party.

In his recent media briefing Prime Minister Hailemariam Dessalegn reaffirmed his government’s and party’s commitment to look in wards to address the basic demands of the public that caused the unrest and violence in some parts of the country. It is also true that there could be capacity and resource limitations to meet all demands of the public for development and good governance. At the same manner some people in the the ruling EPRDF may lack the much needed commitment to the cause of the people or have become immersed in rent-seeking. As to the government, the reform to be take in the coming days will alleviate these challenges.

Indeed, the government has solemn obligation to foil the futile efforts of anti-Ethiopian forces and ensure citizens can fully exercise their constitutional rights in a peaceful manner. It can’t afford to let narrow nationalists, chauvinists and anti-Ethiopian forces hijack the legitimate demands of the public to incite violence in the country. Peace loving Ethiopians should also note foreign elements who are eager to see the nation ravaged in civil war and destitution have been tirelessly spreading hate among Ethiopians. Those who have vested interest to stop Ethiopia from using its natural resources have invested significant amount of resources to further aggravate the situation and force the government to abandon socio-economic schemes.

Ethiopia has suffered from manipulative behaviour of their rights groups, and their mass media. Political forces forces who wish to pursue their causes through violent means must refrain from serving foreign interests. They must share the stance of the government that the politics of Ethiopia must be left for Ethiopians. Ethiopians are the sole owners of their country; they should never be dictated to do this or that in their affairs.

It is time for extremist opposition elements and colour revolution promoters to abandon their old fashion encouragement to instability and anarchism as way to cling political power in the country. They should know that the political power belongs to the people and the political fate of the country is determined by them with no room left for any political party to come to power with violence or without majority vote.

Ethiopians should renew their determination to press ahead with their concerted efforts to succeed the ongoing development activities that could extricate the country from poverty and ensure its inevitable renaissance. The ruling EPRDF and it allies are duty bound to mobilise the rest of society in the struggle against poverty, bad governance and rent-seeking. The government should maintain efforts to bring structural transformation, job creation for the youth and addressing pertinent political matters such as bad governance and rent-seeking.

Ethiopian people want democracy and the government believes it is the only possible solution to the twin ills of poverty and misrule. However, democratic election alone does not make societies more civil and stable; it requires strong civil and democratic institutions, a tolerant political culture, and of course it is a long process. It is only those who are committed to the values of democracy, the rule of law, civil and political liberties, and human rights, who will succeed in realizing democracy and development, peace and stability in the end. This is the right time to renew commitments to sustain peace, democracy, development in the country. Political elites, scholars, the elderly, the private sector, the Diaspora, the government, penitent bodies must put their heads together for durable peace and sustainable development in the country and ensure Ethiopia’s renaissance.

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