Ethiopia: Religious Fathers Convey New Year's Message –

by Zelalem

Religious fathers expressed their good wishes upon the Ethiopian New Year stressing more on the need to further strengthen Ethiopian long held tradition of peaceful coexistence.

Accordingly, the Ethiopian Orthodox Church Patriarch Abune Mathias said this generation ought to continue on its hard work so that the next one could inherit a better Ethiopia. He also called on Ethiopians to come together for their common cause settling the unrest seen in some parts of the country.

Ethiopian Islamic Affairs Council President Sheikh Mohammad Amin also said that every citizen needs to employ the year to stand together for the common goal the nation has already set. He also added that the celebration of the New Year would be complete when coupled with supporting the needy in all aspects.

The President also passed his wishes to all Ethiopian Muslims saying, “happy Eid al-Adha”.

Ethiopian Catholic Church Archbishop Cardinal Berhaneyesus Souraphiel, on his part said this year needs to be a year to avoid rushes geared chiefly for personal gains. “We need to value ourselves and others,” he added.

Mentioning that Ethiopia is one of the countries endowed with history of peaceful co-existence, Ethiopian Mekaneyesus Evangelical Church Pastor Dr. Waksiyum Edosa called on the various nations, nationalities and people of Ethiopia to strengthen this exemplary heritage.

President of the Evangelical Churches Fellowship of Ethiopia Pastor Tsadiku Abdo said love and unity has to be the core in the prayers of the faithful which helps to see a developed Ethiopia soon.

Pastor Tsadiko also take this opportunity to condemn anti-peace elements who spread their propaganda attempting to transfuse racism, religious conflict and the like.

The religious fathers also called upon the people of Ethiopia to join hands and work toward keeping the nation peaceful.


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