Ethiopia releases former junta Derg officials

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Senior former officials of the military regime who have been sentenced to death by Ethiopian court for genocide crime against humanity have been pardoned after almost 21 years imprisonment and the public reaction is positive with some reservations.

“We all make mistakes one way or the other. They did a terrible mistakes and this is proven by the due processes of law beyond any doubt. By this I hope all of us have learnt a lesson that no body is above the law no matter how long it may take.” Abdurrahman Yassen a political scientist said.

“Forgiveness is not a sign of weakness; instead it is a sign of strength and self-confidence. They the former officials by now they might have realised how wrong they were and they are getting old. Forgive them is morally and politically the right action.” Abdurrahman further added.
Former Derg officials
“I was young and what has happen in those days I may not visualised id right now. Indeed, I have lost my dada and my elder brother because of the red terror I grew up with out a father and it is hard to forget and forgive,” said Zewdu Abebe, 32 an engineer by profession.

Zewdu further stated, until few years ago I had the notion that the death penalty should be implemented on this people, however as time goes by I realized that the killing of this people want give me the chance to see neither my dad or my brother therefore I have no problem of their release.

It depends as how you see it says, Alemensh Wolde who had been a victim and who serve 5 years in prison during that era, “When you recall the suffering we went through and the death of your colleagues it is a pain full pill to swallow it.”

“Indeed killing them is a single act that will be over in a matter of seconds, but forgiving them is no matter how hard it may be you are giving them a hard life time torturer for the rest of their life, it is like living with guilty consciousness at every step at every minute.” Almensh further noted.

When I rewind the memories of that time the hardship I went through during those days, says Berhane Demisse, who had been jailed for 13 years I wish I could have seen them lining up for execution and see them falling in front of me from the hail of bullets like the did to my colleagues.

“Their deed is terrible and it is difficult to explain it in words. Having said this my personal dream was to see them executed, but having seen that they are not above the law and exposed publicly the untouchable of that time and spending almost 21 years behind bars I have no regrets that they are forgiven and released.” He Berhane further said.



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