Ethiopia ranked at the bottom 5 countries in world index

by ocean

The 2010 Legatum prosperity Index ranking puts Ethiopia in bottom  of the five countries in the world. Even thou the Ethiopian government claims a fast economic growth and democracy Ethiopia listed 107th from 110 countries. The index ranked countries in order of their Economic growth, Education, Personal freedom, Social capital, Entrepreneurship & Opportunity, Safety & security, Health and Governance.


  • Despite high levels of growth, Ethiopians are pessimistic about their economic future.
  • Ethiopia’s weak communications infrastructure inhibits entrepreneurship and there is little innovation.
  • A lack of democratic accountability plagues the Ethiopian political system.
  • Ethiopia’s education system is poor at all levels and its population is deeply dissatisfied.
  • Ethiopia has one of the world’s unhealthiest populations, but few people report health problems.
  • Ethiopia’s national security faces major challenges.
  • Ethiopia is one of the least free countries in the world, but its citizens are remarkably tolerant.
  • Despite high levels of religious attendance, other social networks in Ethiopia are relatively weak.

According to the ranking the top rated 5 countries


2. Denmark
3. Finland
4. Australia
5. New Zealand

And the last bottom 5 countries are

106 Nigeria
107 Ethiopia
108 Central African Republic
109 Pakistan
110 Zimbabwe

You can read the Full Report here.

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