Ethiopia Progresses in Hunger Reduction

by Zelalem

The 2017 Global Hunger Index (GHI) report reveals that Ethiopia is caught between slight progress in overall hunger reduction and high child stunting that stands at 38 percent.

The country’s hunger problem is characterized as serious despite improvement in the last few years, the report discloses.

Concern Worldwide Country Director Alessandro Bini told The Ethiopian Herald that Ethiopia is among the group of countries that has improved in the global hunger index in child mortality, child wasting and stunting undernourishment since 2000. Yet the percentage of stunting among children under the age of five is still very enormous and worrisome.

It is a serious problem that may result in child mortality. The underlying factors aggravating hunger includes lack of food availability and nutritious food and poor awareness on the importance of nutritious food.

Fraser Patterson Global Hunger Index Project Coordinator said there has been reduction of hunder on 27 percent at a global level. And Ethiopia has made strides in the last 17 years. Despite an uptick the at national level, there are also most vulnerable communities and areas highly affected by hunger in Ethiopia.

Welthungerhilfe Country Director Matthias Spaeth said that his organization is contributing to national efforts towards hunger reductions. Ethiopia finds itself in the position of reducing the four indictors of hunger such as child mortality. However he said that much remains to be done in addressing hunger at grassroots’ level where national policies are applied and implemented.

Increasing support for small-scale food producers, advancing equality through education and social safety nets , promoting government accountability… have been among the recommendations the report came up with.

Panelists also recommended that pushing for nutrition sensitive agriculture, promoting engagement of private sector, applying technologies and raising public awareness towards nutrition as possible remedies to end hunger.

It was also indicated that growing population and climate change impact would pose sever impacts on the fight to end hunger.

Conern Worldewide and Welthungerhilfe are among the partners that publishes the report and work in global hunger reductions.

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