Ethiopia: President Calls Upon Citizenry to Renew Covenant

by Zelalem

President Dr. Mulatu Teshome said the Nations, Nationalities and Peoples (NNP) Day has been strengthening the federal system and enabling the country to foster its efforts of building one political and economic community.

In his press briefing yesterday in connection with the 12th NNP Day, the president stated that the Day would help Ethiopians to reaffirm their covenant and determination to stand together for peace, stability and prosperity of their nation.

He added that the federal system which was introduced 23 years ago has entitled the Nations, Nationalities and Peoples of Ethiopia to administer themselves, to practice their religion, to develop their language and culture and to determine their future without any intervention.

According to him, the Ethiopian constitution which has included basic human right laws has safeguarded the right of citizens and paved smooth way for democratization and fast economic growth.

“Ethiopians have identified their common arc foe–poverty and backwardness. Thus, they’re striving to alleviate poverty and to realize the renaissance of their country,” he stressed. Adding, many foreign investors have preferred Ethiopia as their first destination due to its hard working people, investment opportunity, peace and stability.

Apart from celebrating the NNP Day, the president has urged the Ethiopian people to sustain the economic, political and social gains which are being witnessed over the decade and realize the ambition of the country to join in the list of middle income countries by 2025.

The 12th Nations, Nationalities and Peoples Day is being celebrated today in Semera, Afar State themed: ‘Brightened by our Constitution, our multi-nationalism for our renaissance.’

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