Ethiopia: Pakistani Businessman Dies in Ditch

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Addis Fortune (Addis Ababa):

A Pakistani businessman was killed in a car accident on the morning of Wednesday, January 19, 2011, after his car drove into a deep trench near a construction site behind Nigiste Tower, on Guinea Conakry Street, located in Kazanchis.

Mohsen Haji, 26, was the managing director of Al-Habesha Sugar Mill Plc, which is in the process of completing its plant to start producing sugar from sugar cane on a 70,000ht plot of land it leased in Arjo (Dedesa), located in East Wollega Zone, Oromia Regional State.

On the morning of the accident, Haji; Yosef Tsegaye, his friend; and Awot Gebru had left Liquid Lounge, located in Nigiste Tower, at around 2:00am. Their car, a white Peugeot was parked near the construction site and was seen driving into the ditch, in which water turning green with algae had accumulated, soon after pulling away.

Pakistani Businessman Dies in Ditch

Aerial view of the deep trench situated on the edge of the road, which leads to Nigiste Towers, in the Kazanchis area.

People in the area called the police and the fire brigade, but they were unable to save Haji or Awot. Yosef survived, and has since been detained at the central police station, located near Semien Hotel, as the police are investigating the case.

He was brought to the Kirkos District, First Instance Court, which adjourned the hearing to Thursday, January 27, ruling that Yosef is to remain in custody until the police had completed their investigation.

The body of Haji was flown to Pakistan on Thursday, January 20.

Al-Habesha Sugar Mill, owned by Al Habesh Overseas and Trading Co, which started its construction in January 2008, will be the third sugar factory in the country after Wonji and Fincha sugar factories.

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