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by Zelalem

The ongoing discussion on the second National Human Rights Action Plan draft continued yesterday aimed at drawing input from opposition parties.

Parties cast doubts on the genuineness of the plan as it was drafted by the government without involving the opposition. They also said the plan was supposed to include more human right aspects than democratic ones to guarantee individual rights.

Regarding this, Blue Party Public Relations Officer Solomon Tesema said the plan contradicts with the ideals of the constitution for combining human and democratic rights.

According to him the public is demanding to end any violation of individual rights than often capitalizing on achievements and preaching the right to association.

Commending the initiative, All Oromo Democratic Party Chairperson Tesema Wakuma said the move was late for the programme has already been framed solely the government.

Fore this reason, he said, the action plan has various problems including compromising majority right mainly the interest of the Oromo.

Wolayita Peoples Democratic Party Chairperson Tekle Borena believed that the action plan ignores the right of those relocated for development. He said the document also disregards issue of natural resource distribution, access to land, lack of justice and various bureaucratic procedures.

House Speaker Abadula Gemeda responded the action plan is drafted based on the constitution and international human rights conventions the nation ratified. As to him, the discussion would play significant role in participating the public.

National Human Rights Action Plan Office Head Yibekal Gizaw also said that the action plan was drafted after consulting various associations at federal and state level and reaching consensus.

He said the plan included addressing identified human right bottlenecks, methodologies and implementing bodies. It has also instituted mechanism to enable the public present their grievances.

According to him, the plan is a swift method to curb human right abuses organizing National Coordinating Board entrusted with the task of monitoring, evaluating and announcing the implementation.

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