Ethiopia one of the worst online oppressor

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Ethiopia listed as a user of  Infrastructure control as a method for using  Internet oppression in the country. In a report by a committee to protect journalist world worst online oppressors uses 10 different tools to block their citizens from accessing Internet.

read the excerpt of CPJ special report on Ethiopia on line oppression

Telecommunications systems in many countries are closely tied to the government, providing a powerful way to control new media. In Ethiopia, a state-owned telecommunications company has monopoly control over Internet access and fixed and mobile phone lines. Despite a management and rebranding deal with France Telecom in 2010, the Online oppressorsgovernment still owns and directs Ethio Telecom, allowing it to censor when and where it sees fit. OpenNet Initiative, a global academic project that monitors filtering and surveillance, says Ethiopia conducts “substantial” filtering of political news. This matches Ethiopia’s continuing crackdown on offline journalists, four of whom are imprisoned for their work, according to CPJ records. Ethiopian government control does not simply extend to phone lines and Internet access. The country has also invested in extensive satellite-jamming technology to prevent citizens from receiving news from foreign sources such as the Amharic-language services of the U.S. government-funded Voice of America and the German public broadcaster Deutsche Welle.

In this special report including Ethiopia, Iran, Belarus, Cuba, China , Burma, Tunisia (Under Ben ali regime ), Egypt (under Mubarak regim), Syria and Russia uses diffrent methods to oppress online access.

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