Ethiopia: New Year an Occasion for Reiterating National Peace

by Zelalem

In the just ensued New Year, every Ethiopian will be responsible to strengthening national peace and security, stressed religious fathers.

Approached by The Ethiopian Herald Megabi Zerihun Degu General Secretariat with Inter-religious council of Ethiopia said, relatively speaking, for the past 10 years now the government has been doing elephantine works in fighting out poverty and backwardness with the intent of ensuring the benefits of citizens.

“As peace is the oxygen we breathe every minute, it is beyond everything. Development, democracy and others come on the footpath of peace. In the absence of peace the nation will suffer a backslide not to mention the disturbance of the culture of coexistence and progress. So the issue of peace is not a task to be left to religious institutions alone. Every organization and each individual should be responsible.”

The other burning issue or better way of sustaining peace is accommodating different outlooks and living with people who are not on the same boat with us and who could have ideas at variance with us. Peace is nothing but respecting each other, living together no matter what political ideas, wealth and religious bent citizens have, Zerihun said.

Peace is symbolized by a bright future. In the presence of light, darkness will be dominated, adding, every individual needs to protect the peace.He finally wished God to bless Ethiopia with tranquility and peace the coming new year.

Arch Bishop Birihanu Akale priest at St. Urael church told The Ethiopian Herald that, when Meskerem or September draws close, we say the sun rises to symbolize the coming of a sunny season. The retreating Kiremt or rainy season symbolizes darkness. The first month of the Ethiopian New Year Meskerm or September will sunbath the land and grace it with flowers’ carpet, specially with Adey Abeba or yellow daisy. In response to the created mood, our outlook will also be renewed.

Not only during New Year, our church preaches peace all round the year. When individuals feel peace, others will feel the same. The feeling replicates across the nation.

Birihanu further said “Praise to her children’s love and unity, our country proves honorable. The Ethiopian people have their own beliefs, nationality, religion and language. But they become united when it comes to the issue of their country.”

If citizens play their due role their exemplary task could continue being a model to African countries. He finally added if we work hard we could get poverty and migration behind our back.

Sheikh Mohamed Sherif Hasen President in Addis Ababa Islamic affairs supreme counsel said that “The New Year, which we celebrate not only individualy but together, enthuses us to go for a new life. Not only on New Year, always, we are together with other religious institutions and vigilant to keep our national peace.”

Paster Tsadiku Abdo President of Ethiopian Evangelical Church said that in Ethiopia some holidays are celebrated in September. The departure of the rainy season symbolizes new hope. The new year always comes with a bright vision, he said.

According to Pasteur Tsadiku Abido to understand the value of peace it suffices to see today’s Libya and Syria. When some people try to enforce their wishes, they will destabilize national peace. When we see the price others paid due to lack of peace we will appreciate our peace. The bible advises us to seek peace and pursue it.

We need to accept diversity in unity and unity in diversity. This world is full of diversity. The main problem to the marring of our peace is dwelling long on our diversity.

We can appreciate our diversity and at the same time stand together on the same issues, he noted and finally he wished love and peace for the up coming new Ethiopian year. General Secretary in the Ethiopian Catholic Church Council, Hagos Hadush expressed his wish the new year to be a time of peace and blissfulness. It is a time to live by God’s good will. He needs us to tighten our bond with the cement of peace. Not only marking cultural celebrations we all need to work on our unity.

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