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by Zelalem
Ethiopia Monthly Market Watch, August 2016 – Ethiopia | ReliefWeb



  • The overall year-on-year general inflation rate in August was 5.9%; food inflation stood at 4.4% and non-food inflation was 7.6%. While year- on year infaltion increased for most part of the last one year, the August rates are the lowest over the one year period.
  • National average wholesale nominal prices of maize increased significantly, including in major supply markets of Amhara and Oromia regions. Maize Prices increased by 12% compared to last month prices (July 2016) and by 24% compared to last year (August 2015); prices are also higher by 10% compared to the five year average.
  • White wheat prices remained stable over the last few months. In August, wholesale prices of wheat were the same as last month prices while declining by 20% compared to last year (August 2015) prices and by 6% compared to the-five year monthly average price. The stability and decline are contrary to seasonal trends and could be associated with the large-scale distribution of emergency food assistance.
  • Retail prices of maize and sorghum showed a mixed trend in monitored markets. In SNNP region, maize prices have been on the rise as more and more people depend on market. On the other hand, retail prices remained stable in most other monitored markets.
  • Kerosene that is used for cooking has been in short supply over the last two months (July/August). Urban households with no electricity and rural households are the most impacted by the shortage. Despite the shortage, prices remained the same since February 2016.
  • Despite improved livestock body condition and better market opportunities due to EID Araafa, pastoral terms of trade declined in Jijiga compared to last month as a result of increase in maize price. On the other hand, shoat to white maize terms of trend in Afar region and South East Oromia markets remained stable against the preceding month.

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