Ethiopia: Ministry Calls for Joint Effort in Returning Ethiopian Migrants From Saudi

– Says Ethiopia discharging responsibility in UNSC

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs called on religious institutions , public figures, political parties, family members to play crucial role in the national task force responsible for the safe return of Ethiopian migrants in Saudi Arabia.

In a press conference held yesterday the ministry Spokesperson Meles Alem said that the Ethiopian government is engaged in different diplomatic activities for the safe return of Ethiopians ever since the Saudi government declared the return of illegal migrants to their homeland during 90 days of amnesty period.

According to him, the Ethiopian consulate office and Embassy in Riyadh and Jeddah are working round the clock to facilitating access to registering and handing travel documents for the migrants in other cities in Saudi. Over 20, 000 Ethiopians have been registered and received travel documents. He said different structures particularly a national task force is established and working to create enabling conditions to reinstate the repatriates from federal to state level.

Meanwhile, the spokesperson told journalists that since Ethiopia secured the non permanent seat of United Nations Security Council, it together with Egypt and Senegal is putting vigorous effort to ensure the acceptance of the principles and stance of the African Union in the council.

The spokesperson noted that Ethiopia still believes that the political solution to the issues of South Sudan is not sanction but discussion. In this case, the idea that the global community particularly the Security Council must support the efforts of Inter Governmental Authority for Development (IGAD).

One of the other good results is that the council has accepted the settlement of a Rapid Deployment Force by IGAD.

Speaking of establishing sustainable peace and stable government in Somalia, Meles said Ethiopia has won the council’s acceptance in terms of its actions against terrorism and peace keeping tasks. The council has also accepted the ideas that Somalia needs humanitarian support and strong security force as well.

Briefing on other international issues like the conflict in Syria, he said Ethiopia believes that state institutions should not be destroyed for beneficiaries of such action are terrorist groups and fundamentalists. Therefore, including the council’s member countries which are standing behind the conflicting groups and other nations should participate in the activities of negotiations to maintain sustainable peace.

Ethiopia has repeatedly presented its idea in different conferences that the victims and vulnerable society members of the conflict areas must gain appropriate humanitarian support, he noted.

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