Ethiopia: Minister Calls for Religious Extremism Annihilation

by Zelalem

Government Communication Affairs Office Minister Negeri Lencho said the public need to advance efforts to annihilate political movements that use religion as a guise.

Closing a training session on religion and religious extremism held in Harar Sunday, the Minister called on citizens to fight extremists that disregard equality of religions and nations and nationalities already ensured in the constitution.

He added that any action or ideology that contradicts with the basic principles of the constitution would not be legitimate and acceptable.

“Extremist, chauvinist and opportunistic elements have tried to breach the harmony and mutual respect among religions,” he said, adding: “Religious leaders should handle the issue carefully.”

Dr Negeri confirmed that the government would provide the necessary support to the Ethiopian Islamic Affairs Supreme Council for its effort to tackle religious fundamentalism and extremism.

For their part, religious leaders and followers of various religions that took part in the training have vowed to stand against religious extremism.

Oromia Islamic Affairs Supreme Council President Sheik Ahmed Zakir Mohammed Salih said religious extremism and fundamentalism have been posing serious challenge to the peace and stability of the world and urged the public to confront it.

Issuing nine point resolution, participants have insisted to confront extremists who want to organize illegal demonstrations and meetings without the consent of the Muslims community.

Religious fathers and Islamic Council leaders from Harari, Dire Dawa, Eastern Hararghe Zone and Federal and State higher officials and other pertinent bodies participated in the training.

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