Ethiopia: May 28 Completely Changed Ethiopia’s Former Image in All Aspects – President Dr. Mulatu

by Zelalem

President Dr. Mulatu Teshome said May 28 has completely changed Ethiopia’s unpleasant image in all aspects apart from allowing the people of Ethiopia to build a constitutionally guaranteed democratic unity.

In his good wish message to the Nations,Nationalities and Peoples’ of Ethiopia in connection with the 26th anniversary of May 28, the President yesterday said: “May 28 is a day when a firm foundation was laid to build democratic and prosperous country.”

The day enabled the Nations, Nationalities and Peoples’ of Ethiopia to own sustainable peace ,democratic system that cherishes diversity, and fast growing economy, following their approval of the Constitution which ascertained their participation, the President noted.

The economic growth, in addition to improving the lives of citizens creating jobs, has crafted a favorable context for Ethiopia to be seen as investment and trade destination by the global transboundary companies and investors, he pointed out.

Dr. Mulatu also urged all Ethiopians to be abide by fundamental principles of democracy and development and go forward together so that the nation’s democratization would deep-root and the nation would reliably move along the path of development and prosperity.

The government should accelerate the effort to join middle income countries by broadly strengthening those tasks help accelerate the structural economic transformation, Dr Mulatu asserted.

In similar vein , it is a great responsibility of the moment to create ample job opportunities for those under poverty, he added.

May 28 broadened the opportunity for Ethiopia to maintain its internal peace and to be source of peace for others. “Apart from being a solution to its peace lacking neighbors, Ethiopia is contributing to ensuring the global peace. This constructive effort will robustly continue,” he said.

Although the fruits of May 28 played significant role in benefiting the people, destructive acts that could cause great harm on the peace and development of the people were observed, the President said.

“Therefore, we all should stand together against all ill-intended acts in a bid to maintain our peace and development ,” he said.

Meanwhile, in his an exclusive interview on the occasion of 26 th anniversary of May 28 with The Ethiopian Press Agency, President Dr. Mulatu Teshome said as in the case of other countries, internal strength is the base for the success of Ethiopia’s diplomacy. “When a nation is strong internally, its strength would also be reflected in its foreign diplomacy. When it is weak internally, it would be hard to say that there is diplomacy at all. Thus, it is our internal strength which is a base for our diplomacy,” he said.

Ethiopia has first ensured peace and stability internally, then it has been striving to achieve great success in bring about peace in neighboring countries, in Somalia, South Sudan and Abyie. “The works we done in Somali with AMISOM, to accomplish US’s mission has greatly contributed in uplifting Ethiopia’s diplomacy,” he added.

In general, the role Ethiopia plays for maintaining peace and stability in negioboring countries regionally and continentally, the fact that it is the seat of the AU and center of continental politics and diplomacy also played its own role in the diplomatic success.

Dr Mulatu further added, the dependable peace and stability then attracted huge sum of investment to the country from Europe and Asia. The country has enormous natural and human resources that foreign investors come to believe that if they invest in Ethiopia, they would be profitable sustainably.

The diplomacy success has also been demonstrated when Ethiopia has become non-permanent member of the UN Security Council and its candidate for WHO, Director General, Dr. Tedros won the candidacy.

The 26 Anniversary of May 28, which marks the demise of the tyrannical Derg regime is being celebrated nationwide through various programs.

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